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Monday, January 12, 2009

Morning Battle Part 3

One thing that can drive me over the edge are too many extra carricular activities! One sport or lesson per kid is more than enough. He will be starting little league soccer soon. Anything more can become stressful and over loading to a child, much less a parent. This may not be true for non working parents, or for parents with more eneryg than their kids, but I believe I speak for the majority. If your child plays seasonal sports, one sport per season. If your child takes year round lessons for something they love that may be enough for them. If they choose to play a sport also, maybe you can put the lessons on hold until the sports season is over, or cut back on the lessons. At any rate, find what your child loves to do and let them concentrate on being the best that they can be in that particular area. I am very lucky. My co-worker's teenage son lives for football. He plays football once a year and spends the rest of the year lifting and getting ready for next season. All three of his little ones, including a little girl, love karate. They are all in the same age group and attend the same class. Whats more, a lot of organizations give price breaks on lessons with multiple kids. Our local karate YMCA classes requires two paying students for a family membership. You could pay for my two boys, and the rest of the family are automatic members and are not charged for lessons! Great deal! Extra interests are very important, but it's also important that a child learns to give their best in everything they do, and focusing on one thing at a time can make this enjoyable for you and for them. It's hard being a parent especially if you are a single parent. Where is my black and white TV and FM radio???

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