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Monday, January 12, 2009

Bed Bugs?

What are Bed Bugs?
Bed Bugs are actually supposed to be little bugs which feed off human blood; they are supposed to suck human blood for almost five minutes, sounds terrible. They cause skin irritation and also end up with some kind of infection.

Where can we find them?
Bed Bugs live all around us, but mostly, found in mattresses, linens, place where you sleep, your clothes and so many other places. They come into your place through many ways like, from your neighbors, luggage which you carry from outside and also when you purchase any old furniture.

How to get rid of Bed Bug Infestation?
The best place to know more about it is www.bedbugsguide.com and you can read more about bed bug bites There are some natural remedies to get rid of them; some of them are Steam Cleaning instead of vacuum cleaning, use of mattress covers which is different from the standard cover, use of soil powders. To know more about these remedies, check out the Bed Bugs Guide website. Actually, from my experience I would say that Steam Cleaning is very effective and helps to reduce the Bed Bug Infestation. So protect yourself from these harmful Bed Bugs.

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