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Friday, January 30, 2009

Great Activities II


This is the time of year when leaves are scattered everywhere and can be used as a vice for entertainment while cleaning up the yard. It is also a time to prepare for a new school year, so creative abilities need to be relaunched.

Painting is fun, but painting on clothes is even better. T-shirt painting can result in some real creativity as well as hours of fun. Rocks can also be painted, and made into pets or paper weights. Leaves can be raked and made into forts or large piles to jump into. Bicycling and walking is perfect for this time of year as the chance of getting over heated are minimal. Board games, coloring and drawing are also perfect for everyone in the house.


This is the time of year that you either love playing in snow or you avoid it. You can enjoy both indoor and outdoor activities this time of year by simply using your imagination.

Snow ball wars are always a favorite, as is building snow forts. Sledding is a great activity for everyone and ice fishing can be enjoyed if you have a local pond or river. Make a backyard weather sta tion by monitoring the snow, temperature, and wind. Everyone can make snowflakes from paper, and ornaments from beads, macaroni noodles and popcorn. Board and card games are a great activity when enjoyed with snacks and hot chocolate.

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