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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Stays Together

What are our Kids learning in School These Days? I really wonder sometimes. Well I don't know about you but i was very shocked at this  while Making Breakfast for my son earlier  last November on cold morning! The Discussion he had was far from there Mind Frame, At least from mine at that age. You See i have a son and he is a very tough 5 year old Boy sitting at the table that morning while eating breakfast talking about who he would vote for if he Elections could really vote


Well i kid you not, i was very shocked to hear my 5 year old talk freely about Obama and what he thought how he could change the U.S. for the Better! Now keep in mind, this boy is about Thomas the train and mega lego blocks , so when i heard him talk about politics i just Freak out and almost drop the plates that i was putting up in the sink but i just kept my ears on him not wanting to end the eloquent soliloquy that he was having!


I must say that this is a very important time in history for all of us in the U.S. cause OUR KIDS ARE taking action in this opportunity. From that point on i took full part in last years election because, when i have my son talking about it more than i do then i guess that's a wake up call, for me and all my Friends and Family .


So there you have it , Our children are our Future and i think it is very important to Keep our kids up to date with today's problems so they can learn how to get a jump on life for their kids or just the Community for Generations to Come ! Like they always say , A Family that talks and prays together ,stays together !


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