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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Snow Flakes

The first snow is so exciting to a toddler. My son first experience snow when he was 3 years old and it was Valentine day too! He was so cute, all bundle up as he watch the little white snow flakes drifting from the sky. They are experiencing it for the first time each year all over again. It is almost shameful to not bundle them up and get them outside to touch and feel the flakes. After you've bundled up your child and gotten outside, make sure you suggest the obvious activities. They will not know to stick out their tongue and try to catch the snow. Do this together and you'll have a ball too!

No matter how little snow has fallen you can still make mini snowmen. In fact, it is easier for a toddler to actually make their own snowman if it is scaled down to just a handful size. Make a snow mom and dad and doggie too. Don't forget your camera. This is a time you can catch such a glow on your child's face. Write some messages in the snow on the ground or stairs and take a picture to send in your emails to gram-ma. Have your toddler draw in the snow as well. You can look for foot prints in the snow left by birds and animals. Then make your own foot prints and examine them. Don't forget snow angels. I love to watch my toddler make her snow angels.

Take a mirror outside with you and let it get cold. Now catch some snow flakes on it and examine them together. You can see the individual flakes this way. They really are breath taking in design. (Of course be sure to keep the mirror out of the child's hands!) A snow ball fight is a much gentler game when there is an inexperienced toddler involved. So let them scoop and throw the snow at you. Make them a stockpile of snow balls before you start throwing yours. Get out your beach toys and use the molds in the snow to make snow castles together. After everyone is good and cold, head inside to snuggle up on the couch and have some hot cocoa and cookies to warm up. Spend a while drawing pictures of your snow men and day out in the snow. Make some cut out snow flakes to hang on the windows and around the house for winter decorations.You can even look for some children's books on snowmen and playing in the snow to share later that evening. The first snow can be a memorable time for you and your child.

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