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Friday, January 16, 2009

Another Great

Needzilla.com is a free, need based, online service focused on the efficient exchange of goods and services. http://www.Needzilla.com  focus is on three types of users, buyers, sellers, and bounty hunters. Both buyers and sellers benefit through an efficient way of finding what they need online through advanced matching functions. Sellers and Service Providers benefit through an efficient way of browsing buyers' needs. Sellers and Service Providers will also benefit by never paying a service fee or commission. The site will automatically match buyers' and sellers' posts based on specific criteria provided. (i.e. price, location, item descriptions) Buyers will enjoy paying accurate and fair market prices without the service fees and commissions markup present on today's traditional sites. Users can entice other users by placing a bounty on their post which others can claim once the transaction is complete. The bounty is a referral bonus, which "bounty hunters" can search for and obtain by finding a third party to complete the exchange. If you're a business, you will sell more of you're product/service by utilizing Needzilla's unlimited workforce of bounty hunters. If you're just somebody sitting at home, you can earn a referral bonus (bounty) by finding buyers. No matter your goal, Needzilla.com is revolutionizing online monetization and everybody wins. Go to Http://www.needzilla.com and find out.

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