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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Football a passion

Outdoor sports are the best and healthiest human activities anywhere in the world. Many play them and most of us watch and enjoy them but everyone loves to talk about favorite sports and sportsmen. My favorite is Tony Romo of the Dallas Cowboys. His rise from a undrafted third stringer to now the starting quarterback is a remarkable story. The passion for sports is certainly sweeping, particularly for the youth and sportsmen. In addition to playgrounds, on conventional media (Radio, TV and Press), now fans enjoy sports on Internet. Go online and find what you want to - all sorts of information including multimedia content, still photos, brief video clips of stars and highlights from sports. There are so many sites but I liked Comcast.net the best. Explore their football picks section and you will know what I mean. The search function on the site is very efficient. You can easily find what you want to.  For those who like to talk about sports check out NFL Forums – a place where you can meet and talk with some of the most informed and hard core sports fans. That is the place where users can talk about anything and everything sports.. Check them out, better still register there and share your own thoughts.

I suggest all sports fan explore neatly laid out and information rich comcast.net sports for all their sports news, videos, scores, picks and much more to fuel your sports passions.