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Friday, January 30, 2009

Choosing the right one

I'm comfortably situated with my choice of domain registrar (GoDaddy) and hosting company (VoNetwork), but for those who are just starting out with getting their own domain and setting up a hosting account, it can be overwhelming to make a choice among the hundreds of companies out there. Every company has something to offer, but the question is, which company is best suited for your needs?
Besides asking around and relying on word of mouth, you might want to consider looking up reviews and side-by-side comparison of hosting companies and domain registrars. You'll be able to see at a glance what the companies have to offer, and which ones can offer you what you need. One choice for finding out more about website hosting is webhostingreport.com..
webhostingreport.com specializes in providing reviews on the top companies in web hosting and domain registrations. In addition to reviews and plan and company comparisons, webhostingreport.com offers articles that can help beginners and novices alike learn more about domains and hosting, and what to look for when selecting a company. One valuable guide to look over are the dedicated servers.  Between this article and website reviews, you'll be headed in the right direction with picking your hosting provider.

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