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Friday, January 16, 2009

Bedtime Stories Part 1

Bible stories for kids have become an indispensable tool for teaching young children important lessons they should apply to their daily lives. Since it is often hard for children and young adults to grasp the full meaning of daily or weekly Bible readings, a kids bible can be used to help boil down the critical lessons. Enabling children to more easily internalize the teachings of Christ and continue to grow in their faith as they grow themselves are some of the reasons parents have for sharing bible stories for kids with their families.
If your church offers special services for children, your kids may have already heard many children's versions of the most well known Bible stories and passages. For my son, his favorite bible story is title "The big Picnic" which is about Jesus feeding the five thousand. If not, then it is up to you to start sharing these stories and lessons with them yourself. The most popular methods in our household have been to read to the children's stories at bedtime or even recount the Bible stories. Today, there are several more options you can choose from, including audio Bibles, Bibles on CD and even MP3 Bibles.

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