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Monday, January 26, 2009

Needing a friend

Everybody had friends during childhood. Experts show that those bonds established during our infancy are the strongest and, as a result, why trying to build something from the ground, when there is something already built that only needs renovation?

That is why, specialists strongly advice you to reestablish connection with your old friends. The first step you should take, before dialing their number, is to invest some time and meditate on what led to this apparent lost of contact?

If it was something you did wrong, do not be afraid to admit it. Imagine that somebody comes to you after several years, begging pardon for something he or she did wrong. Would not you accept apologies? Of course you will and the same will do the friends you plan to contact.

When talking to them express you sincere feelings and donot be afraid to ask for moral support or spiritual counseling, if you need it. Put yourself in their position, and you will realize they surely cannot deny your request. But do not take advantage of them! Friendship is also about giving back, so always be ready to help the ones that helped you once.

What if you never found a true good friend? Than, no matter how old you are, it is high time you looked for one! Pay attention to the people you know and especially to the new people you meet.

Invite them out, but be careful not to become too aggressive. When people insist too much, we always tend to be more suspicious. That is why you have be patient, as a friendship takes time to build.

Nevertheless, never stop looking for new friends! Follow your intuition and maybe you will get to be the friend of somebody who is in the same situation as you are. Seeking true friendship.

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