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Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Wanna learn how to shave without razor burn or ingrown hairs? Then here is perfect web site which offers you with the finest safety razors available. BetterShaving.com offers the finest safety razors available. If you haven't discovered the benefits of using these old fashion shaving supplies, you will enjoy the straight razor closeness without razor bumps, ingrown hairs or razor burn. They offer Merkur razors, parker razors, shaving mugs, shaving bowls, derby razor blades, after shave and preshave oil. You will also find tutorials on how to use a safety razor.
But they are famous for their shaving brushes.Their Badger hair brush is known for its ability to retain water which will create a thick creamy lather providing a layer of protection between your skin and the blade. Taken care of, a badger hair brush will last a lifetime. They also have Videos posted on BetterShaving.com in Youtube. These videos will help you to understand the differences and benefits of using a safety razor over modern multi-blade razors.
I recently bought a safety razor in BetterShaving.com and found it to be very useful and safe too. So what are you waiting for ? Wanna have a shaving experience of a lifetime? Then make the perfect choice, choose one from BetterShaving.com.

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