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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Time to Decorate our Son's room

Thinking up decorating kids rooms ideas can be problematic, we know. Do you go with the tried and true (but somewhat dull) avenues or step out on your own?
How much attention do you pay to your five year old who insists that yellow, blue and red are the perfect colors for his walls, or your young son who wants a suspending bed because he saw it on a movie?

The truth: decorating kids rooms ideas should be a mixture of what your child wants now and what you know he or she will need later on. But, leaving out the practical focus, we use this article to offer some ways for you to express your creative side. Use these suggestions to add extra touches of fun to all
of your decorating kids rooms ideas.

One: paint. As obvious as it sounds, you would be surprised how many people fail to utilize colors. They settle for painting the room one shade and let it drop. Why not try something more inventive? We did our boys room in different shades of blue with each wall darker than the other giving it a sense of movement or acitivity.
If your child has two favorite colors, you could use those shades in compliment of one another . Popular decorating kids rooms ideas include using the primary colors of red, blue and yellow together to create a festive new room. It is bold and offers something better than the usual one hue on the walls.

Two: wall paper and borders. If you do not want to paint, or just want to use one color for a more neutral background, then do suggest using wall paper or borders. These decorating kids rooms ideas can make any wall pop. The options are limitless and you can carry out any theme you want. And, if you want to change directions later on, they can be removed.

Three: wall stickers. These can definitely add the right touches of uniqueness. Unlike stencils, however, no painting is involved. If you do not trust your skills with a brush, then we suggest simply applying these stickers to the walls. They can be as extensive as any stencil, if not more so, and will simply peel off when you want them gone.

Four: personalized wall coverings. For these decorating kids rooms ideas, you just need to use your son or daughter. Let their artwork hang around the room (this is especially helpful if you are not going with a real theme) or let them make a cluster of hand prints on the wall to border the door or windows. Use their photos to make special collages to hang. Get the picture? Make the room a tribute to them.

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