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Thursday, January 22, 2009


Few technologies have made as sudden an impact on the telecommunications industry as Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP). In a matter of only years, VOIP has changed the way people think about their phone service and, more specifically, the power of the Internet. But is it all just talk, or are there real benefits to be had for you and your business? VOIP is Voice Over Internet Protocol. In a very small nutshell, VOIP is basically telephony over the Internet, through your computer. A few people I know have completely given up on landlines and switched to either cell phones of VOIP.

Here are few ways VOIP technology is reshaping the phone business around the world:

Unifying Internet and Phone Technology. One of the promises of modern consumer electronics is the synthesis of varying utilities in a single hub (or videogame machine would be our web browser, etc.). VOIP helps realize this promise by giving people the power to control their phone communications from their computer.
Ending the reliance on land-line phones. Already, millions of individuals have given up their traditional land-line phones in favor of their cell phones. Now, more and more people are cutting the cord because of access to VOIP.
Providing free calls to millions of customers. One of the strongest selling points of VOIP phone systems continues to be the FREE calling from one service customer to another. If you and your friends, family, business partners or clients have access to the same VOIP service, the calls are gratis with most providers.
By helping businesses save money. Businesses that choose to work with VOIP technology can potentially save thousands of dollars on infrastructure costs. Without having to worry about heavy phone installations, equipment and draconian service arrangements, businesses of all sizes can use much needed funds to develop their business in other ways.

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