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Friday, November 14, 2008


Stylehive is an online shopping junction which is meant for true shopaholics. It is one of the largest online collaborative shopping clubs or community of various groups of people searching the web for latest styles and trends. Shopping recommendations provided by stylehivers serve as a good source for selecting the most suitable and contemporary products. The website serves as an interactive platform where the members cooperate with each other in finding the hottest stores, trends, styles and fashions. 'Collective', 'Stylish' and 'Sensible' shopping are the major focus areas attracting folks to be a member of Stylehive community. It is a network of people striving for fashion and always working towards attaining something new, stylish and trendy to adopt in their daily lives. Stylehive allows occasion based collection of information on daily basis in Hives. One can make use of tags to make personalized list. As a subscriber of this site, one can even recommend a new product to promote it. Informative findings can also be shared with compatible shoppers, friends, and relatives.

This website is specially dedicated for those highly addicted to fashion and trendy design products. Thanks to their exceptional perception of what’s hot right now this tool rocks the fashion world by introducing hot new lines of clothing, accessories and several other interesting brand products. Stylehive has become a global online shopping tool, a social bookmarking site for anything related to fashion, a real community of retailers, designers, fashion consumers by introducing new shopping strategies. You can register for free and start surfing their unbelievable choices and products: from couture to simple street style, the latest trends, tips on dressing, fashion news, you will find out everything you need to hit the fashion’s world and become as popular as possible. All most interesting products, brands and fashion stores are displayed and tagged by this Hive community. Want to check out fleece ?

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Hot Water Bottle

Got a sick child or wife at home? need to keep fluids warm? You need to get yourself one of these hot water bottle Would it be nice to sip a tall glass of warm or hot honey lemon drink in one of these all day long? You can find these hot water bottle at west-way.com.

This company also provides affordable luxurious items for the home. They have a variety of luxury products for the kitchen and dining area of your home, for your living room, bedroom, other home appliances, quilts and linen as well. This site also has links to different gift ideas which can come in handy for those looking for Christmas gifts. Another helpful link in their web site is a link to sale items where you can find great items at very low prices.

I visited their site and looked at the items and saw how nice they were. I am sure if i live in the UK, our family would surely enjoy the very comfortable quilts and linen they have.


AiiiChieeee..... Uh-oh.. sign of trouble coming from your little ones. How often do we hear our little ones sneeze and cough out of no where, especially right after he or she just recovers from another cold or stomach virus? My oh my.. nowadays, being a parent we have so many hats to wear. Not only do we have to meet all the basic needs such as food and clothes, we frequently have to take on the roles of "nurses" and "doctors." Fortunately with help just a few clicks away on your computer or labtop, life is made much easier for us these amateur nurses and doctors. One of the many parenting sites that stand out is Gurgle.com. The site really lives by its slogan "Baby stuff made easy." The article on How to cope with preschool illnesses is helpful for any parent who has kids in preschool. From head lice to the common cold to the Flu, the article breaks down the causes, the treatment and how to prevent the illness or problem. Talking about cold, did you know that a majority of body heat is lost through your head? To keep our little ones warm, be sure to keep their heads warm! This is just one of the many great tips from another Gurgle.com article How to cope with preschool illnesses Make sure you visit Gurgle.com and dig through the treasure to protect your little ones.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

An old Soldier and his wooden bench

The history making US election is finally over and we have a new President-elect Barack Obama. He supports a rapid military withdrawal from Iraq regardless of it's outcome which brings me to ponder about my grandpa's war stories of the past. Grandpa was a proud man and he passed away at the age of 92 just a few years back. I have never served in the military. The idea is fairly laughable since I have virtually no self-discipline and a more-than-healthy questioning of authority. The roots of my appreciation for the military, however, runs deep. My grandfather was a military man himself and his stories have always inspired me to appreciate those who came before me, willingly sacrifice themselves for future generations. I traveled to Taiwan quite often when I was growing up and among one of the most memorable trips was a trip I took with my sister to visit my grandparents in Taipei.

A rooster crows urgently in the distance. I turn over in my bed, immediately feeling the effects of jet lag. A few hours earlier on this summer morning, I had just arrived to visit my grandpa in Taipei, the capital city of Taiwan. This island off the coast of China in Southeast Asia is nearly half a world away. My sister shook me into consciousness with a reference to hot yummy porridge and something about a climb with Yeh Yeh(Grandpa) at Tiger's Head Mountain in Sungshan Nature Reserve on the southern edge of the city.

"Wake up! Wake up! We're going to climb the mountain with Yeh Yeh (my then 72 year old grandfather)."

I looked at the clock and sighed. It is too early. Who would want to go mountain climbing at five in the morning? I wonder and then remember this is Asia, where it's common for the old to exercise early in order to avoid the heat of the day. Upon arriving at the foothills of the mountain, Grandpa tooks us to an open air little street vendor restaurant where we had our yummy breakfast. It was a traditional breakfast where dou jiang and tasty "you tiao" (pronounced YO TEE-YAU) foot-long pieces of dough deep fried until it's dark brown is served. One of the great pleasures of eating breakfast here is to get a hot bowl of soybean milk on a cold crisp almost winter like morning. Allow the steam from the soybean milk to bathe your face as you slurp up the drink and dunk thick slices of sponge cake into the dou jiang. Ahhh...heaven. We sat giggling on wooden benches enjoying fresh mountain air as we sipped up our hot dou jiang. Grandpa normally began his stories talking about these wooden benches that we were all sitting on. He said back then when he was little, these wooden benches were everywhere. They had them in theatres, community events, churches and even in war room command posts.

After breakfast he led us to begin our ascending to the top. The journey will last about 3 hours and besides the beautiful scenery and fresh mountain air, we got to enjoy a little history lesson as well. All his stories were about wars, his escape from China to Taiwan and how his career later took him to many places in the world. Years later, I sat idly on similar benches my grandfather and I would visit on our many long climbs. It is on benches that he would tell me stories, of his life, as well as others he met along the way. Of good times and bad and of loss and happiness.

Grandpa has moved on to a different place as I sat on these benches many years later. I revisit the mountain where my grandpa once took me many times since that early morning day. My grandfather worked hard for many years and traveled to many destinations in the world, but none, I'm sure, similar to the one he has most recently visited. I imagine it to be a place of content for him, a place to relive old memories and seeing old faces. I am sure that he is also comforted by the fact that he must no longer suffered as he did before he moved on.

He, my grandfather, was a master at story telling, which I believe was conjuring up the best in those he met along his journey. I believe this to be true, especially in me, his only grandchild. He believed in me, as if there was no one else to stand behind. On this veteran day and just like those who sacrifice themselves for the future generations, my grandfather did the same for me.

I miss my grandfather, but knows he is sitting on a similar bench, in a different place.

Christmas Nuts

Got a sweet tooth? Shopping for christmas nuts? and no I don't mean the ones we just elected in to office. These are real nuts! Have we got a cool site for you! The Oh! Nuts website is the one-source on the World Wide Web for those who are looking for the most delectable candies on offer. The site itself is subdivided into several categories that will let you find what you are looking for in a supple manner. Some of the featured categories include “Party Favorites”, “Sugar Free Candy” and “July 4th Patriotic Candy”. What’s more, the site includes several sections that are geared towards those who wish to place bulk orders, while it is also possible to purchase gift baskets that can be chosen by occasion. The site also features a navigation menu that enables you to shop by brand. Some of the available brands include Gimbal’s Fine Candies, Madelaine Chocolate, Jelly Belly and Arcor. Likewise, a “Shop by Color” category is included, and in this particular case you can choose a color theme for gift baskets, party favors and special occasions.

It is to me a bit on the pricey side, but as any saavy internet shopper would do, I already found coupon codes for my favorite kinds of sweets!. As soon as you google "ohnut.com" (the website that sells jelly beans) and "coupon code," BAM! a whole list of sites offering coupons for any product from onhut.com would pop up. Perfect is the best word to desribe them. If you are buying for the season or simply down from the election...try some good chocolate!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

SK Handtools - Man tools!

Home or automotive maintenance can be a quite enjoyable job for man. As this job requires patience, diligent and conscientiousness, men are often lost in time when they are busy with their hand tool to fix appliances. If you are a part of men or even women who are enjoying maintenance activities, you must be understand how annoying it can be when it’s come to fix something, then it turns out that you don’t have the required tool.

You might also find it upsetting when you find out that the hand tool you have just bought is broken only after a couple times of usage. These conditions remind us to be prepared with complete and high quality tools in our tool box so when it comes to fix or maintain appliances in your home, you will be able to do it easily.

If you are considering purchasing high quality and affordable hand tools, try to take a look at sjdiscounttools.com. SJDiscounttools.com is a one stop shop for discount air, power, and cordless tools . They carry large automotive tools and equipment, plus special hand tools, and power cordless tools that can handle any automotive project big or small.They also carry a huge range of well known manufacturers from Ingersol Rand, Helicoil, and Mountain to Hanson and SK Hand Tools. Not only do they have tools but also tool storage and battery chargers, even shop apparel. This one stop shop has such an extensive line of everything for the auto mechanic that I feel a little bit overwhelmed by it all. I know I was like a kid in a candy shop when I go on this site. If you are a car mechanic, or just an average tinkerer then check out the site because it's JUST COOL! Just like the name, this website provides the customers with high quality hand tools in the most affordable price through the discounts. Take a look at the SK Hand Tools collection that complete from wrench to part socket set. Fill out your shopping cart and start for your hand tools here.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

SJ Discount Tools - Spring Compressor

Whether you have a hobby or a business that requires the use of tools, your best bet to get the best prices is on the Internet. Everyone knows that tools can get pretty expensive, especially if you want the good stuff. There is a great place on the net that specializes in Air Tools & Accessories and it’s called SJDiscountTools.com.

It is a one stop shop for Air tools, Power tools, Cordless tools and Construction tools for a job of any size. Some of the brands they carry are Ingersoll Power Tools and Fluke Automotive Tools at discount prices you won’t find anywhere else. If you do find the same tools at a lower price somewhere else, than let them know and SJ Discount Tools will make every effort to match those prices.

Here is a sampling of some of the tools they carry:

Ingersoll Power Tools
Cordless tools
Drill and Drill Presses
Saws and Routers
Grinders and Polishers
Nail Guns
Air Tools That Get Hard Jobs Done
Impact Air Tool Guns
Air Tool Nail Guns
Air Compressors
Air Tool Paint Guns

Fluke automotive tools
Brake Service Equipment
Engine and Transmission Tools
Tire and Suspension Tools
Vehicle Services
Automotive Welding

Spring Compressor - Remove and replace valve springs in GM 8-cylinder engines. Heavy-duty tool replaces weak or broken valve springs and guide seals with cylinder head on the engine. Compressor is used by removing rocker and fastening tool to stud with nut. Pull on the handle to compress spring. Use with 901 or 2992 Air Hold Fittings to keep valve closed. Length: 12-1/2".

Valve Spring Compressor K-D Tools 2078 - Universal Overhead

Remove valve springs on most cars with overhead valves without removing the cylinder head. Offset jaws grip the valve spring in parallel compression. Tool maintains constant length as spring is compressed. Use with 901 or 2992 Air Hold Fittings to keep valve in place. Go to SJDIscountTools.com and see them for yourself.


Warren Buffet had recently said that now is the time to scoop up some cheap stocks! With people like me who don't know dickens about the stock market, InformedTrades.com could be a great resources for us. The site features David Waring a trading guru who gives you daily tips and bits from the market. For starter like me, his free courses look very appealing since they are all video-based and free of hard-to-digest buzz words! The free courses offers topics range from money management to forex trading to seminars from expert traders. Anything you can think of regarding finances and trading, David got a course for you.

InformedTrades.com lives up to their mission to "empower traders with knowledge. Besides the predesigned courses, it highlights forums and discussions for traders to exchange latest info, and David links many videos from gurus on the latest money topics. I especially recommend David's analysis on the whole Suprime mortgage phenomenon from the get-go to the nitty-gritty of the crisis.

Above all, this site is so user-friendly. It is like learning from a friend without an overload of information that overwhelms you.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Nissan Dealer in MA

A Nissan car is excellent value in a luxury sedan. I personally own a Nissan Maxima and a 240sx. A new or used Nissan will gives uncompromising comfort along with the power and responsiveness you can imagine from the world-famous, high-end models. Framingham Nissan is new and used Nissan dealer for Framingham, Natick, Marlboro, Milford, Needham, Wellesley, MA area.

Their office is located on 571 Worcester Road, Framingham, MA and you can visit them for a test drive of any car from their inventory. Whether you want to check out luxuroius Nissan Maxima or sporty Nissan Altima or bossy Nissan Sentra you can check them out.While Nissan Armada can provide comfort to your family, a new Nissan Xterra is perfect for business.

There are many other models in their inventory. They say if they do not have what you are looking for would get one for you. At their website, Nissan Dealer MA they have pictures of different Nissan models which you can click for further details. Some of them take you to other website of theirs. Nissan Motor Company, Limited is a Japanese automobile manufacturer which currently is the third largest Japanese car manufacturer.

The Framingham Nissan dealership is owned and operated by the Shaker Family. They are in business since 1947 and now have eight franchises in six Locations across Three States. You can also schedule a car service with them from their website.


We all want to be debt-free. But sometimes we have circumstances that lead us into debt.Fortunately, there's debt consolidation help from Bills.com. They can help you if you're trying to get free from your debts fast.

There are good benefits to having a debt consolidation. First, it can lower your monthly payments on all your bills. If you have several loans, you are able to consolidate multiple lines into one new loan or debt consolidation program. Debt consolidation can also be a great way to manage your debt easily– whether it’s lowering your rates, getting a better loan, or cutting your payments to get debt free faster.

Bills.com has the debt consolidation tips and resources available so you are able to choose the best debt consolidation option for your situation. This also means that you can save fast.

Ready to check out Bills.com and what they offer? If you go to their website, you'll be met with a lot of valuable information on managing your debt, advice on debt consolidation, common questions on debt consolidation and their answers, even success stories of real people that have already used their service. Bills.com provides with the following main points which helps you to update the financial plans, which may give a biggest change in Americans personal economies.

*Interest rates
*Financial security
*Home equity

If you have a high credit card bills which you can't make the payments, then consolidation might be the solution. Because consolidating your credit card bill will save money by reducing your interest which in turn helps you to pay the debt faster. This will simplify your debts into a single bill pay. If you like to consolidate your credit cards then there are several options available like Home Equity Loan, Personal Loan & Credit Card Balance Transfer. However before making a decision, you should carefully consider the costs involved and, whether any of these methods reduces the total expenses. Thus depending on your income and the debts you have to consolidate, you can choose your own options. What's more, they even have a Debt Consolidation Savings Center that can help you find debt consolidation providers. So what are you waiting on? Check out Bills.com today!