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Monday, January 26, 2009

Social Contact

Human beings are creatures that need social contact, just as much as they need to breath. Being uncomfortable when you are alone is a natural reaction. Many times in our life we feel and want to share our time, thoughts and other things with somebody. It will make us sad further if we are lonely and there was nobody you could turn to.

Friends are perfect solution to all problems of loneliness. As we grow up we all make friends depending upon our interactions with our peers. As we mature those contacts decrease in number because everybody has to follow a different path of life and everybody is not lucky enough to stay in the vicinity of friends. Or worse we might just fall apart.We loose contact with people as a natural process of life and work takes over.

Imagine what should you do if you realize one afternoon that you want to leave office earlier, which you have not done in seven years since you got hired, but there is nobody in your agenda that you can call and invite to join you for a cup of coffee, precisely because you practically never stopped working for the last years?

There are no such things as true friends for rent, or if there are, they are called shrinks and you have to get an appointment, so how can you manage to find or to make a new friend, especially in those horrible moments, when you feel you will do anything not to be alone anymore?

It is indeed correct that a true friendship means time investment, and, in the case of adults, it takes even more time to establish an honest connection with a new person. But what about those times in your life when work did not occupy 90% of your time?

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