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Tuesday, January 13, 2009


This is a topic that I can post about because it hits close to home. I've never worn glasses and contacts before. It's a real blessing considering everytime when I see my wife put on contacts, it just makes me want to cringe. She had mentioned that she would like the idea of Lasik surgery. Lasik is the use of a laser beam to modify the shape of your cornea such that your vision will improve. LASIK surgery changes it. So I decided to do some research and recently my interest has been sparked again with television ads about this procedure and I've decided to investigate Lasik once again. A great resource I have come across is USEYES.ORG that offers a tremendous amount of information about all the different Lasik procedures like wavefront or Epi-Lasik. You can also find Lasik Surgeons such as Dr Jack Holladay in the greater Houston area or anyone else in your area. Dr Holladay is a doctor that had over 50 peer reviewed articles published. He even teaches other doctors how to perform Lasik. This is definitely a fantastic site for consumers to look for lasik surgeons in any parts of the United states.

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