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Friday, January 23, 2009

Happy Chinese Lunar Year

The Chinese New Year!

The most important of the traditional chinese holidays, sometimes called The Lunar New Year, begins the first day of the lunar month and ends on the 15th. Where can you find Chinese New Year cards?

1) The best website I have found is a retailed named "char4u," no matter how unproffesional it sounds this website is the best all around on selection, convience, and navigation. www.char4u.com. However, it is a bit more expensive than the other websites but is the largest selection I have found. The cards are also made for Western New Year and Chinese New Year. Always a plus! Just to make sure, (it did seem to good to be true,) I ordered the cheapest they had. The product was called, ancient chinese paintings. There were four in the package for 8.00. But let me tell you, they were absolutly beautiful with little to no shipping cost! I would suggest this first!

2) Also for another website selling Chinese New Year Cards, I suggest Amazon.com. Okay, so maybe I'm just old fashioned, but my old freind always seems to come through and on this one I'm right again! With more than 48 selections one can find a variety of cards ranging from light, fun, humorous, traditional, normal ect. The selection at amazon is the best I have been able to find. You can find most of these products for under ten dollars, and no one is complaing about this! Just head over to amazon.com, type in Chinese New Year Cards in the search box" and they arrive. You can also sort these by price and date. It's a winner each way around.

3) Now as for some great selection, head on over to www.bestchinashop.com, you will be pleased. The selection is fantastic, (Children Celebration, Great Luck, Flowers Greeting Spring, Bamboo, Pink, Peacock and Children, Flower Bird, Peony and much much more!). As for price, it's normal. Not a great bargin, not to expensive, just the average. They usually run almost five dollars for three cards, (more expensive than char4u,) but 1.85 each (less expensive than char4u.) They also have a lot of other things relating to the holiday available.

4) If you're looking online I would suggest www.bizrate.com. Simply type in the website on your internet browser. Type in "Chinese New Year Cards" in the "What are you shopping for" box and click "Find it." From there a selection of cards will arrive. The prices range from Five to Ten dollars. A great find with such a rare product! The selection ranges. They have elegant, refined, more traditonal cards and fun, festive, brightly colored cards. The selection is acceptable and well priced and I love the website because it's easy to navigate and order with next to none invisible charges! Although the prices are reasonable, I see no discounts available and wouldn't get hopes up to see any in the future from this site.

5) Bargain Wise, I'm going with Ebay. People are iffy about buying from there because the word "used" is a stigma in the internet realm but with cards it's the way to go. You're more likely to get a great price and greater variety on this web site. It's the best prices I've seen and there are a TON of "buy it now" options. "Buy it now" is an option where stores go online and sell there product for immediate selling. Now, you do have to pay to open an account and shipping and handling depends on the seller, and they will try to cheat you sometimes. However, better deals are acheived sometimes, and often if you learn the "secrets of the site," if you will. If you're an expeirenced ebay-er or even have an account, check it out!

6) And of course, who better to turn to for your card needs than hallmark? The 26 usual selection consists of mostly american-looking designs, but not bad! You can actually find a hallmark near you, most of the time. Now if they have these designs is questionable. But my local hall mark is great about ordering things for you! I know they do for me. However, if you can't find one near you the website is, www.hallmark.com. Shipping is reasonable. And they have a lot of great free E-cards! Check it out!

I hope I've helped you in your selection! Happy Lunar Year!

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