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Friday, February 27, 2009

Online Shopping

Gone are the days where we shop at a nearby retail store and stand in the queue for more than a day. Online shopping has become the order of the day and Shop wiki has revolutionized the world of online shopping today. Shop wiki has listed more than 30000 stores in the internet rather than 1000 stores like other shopping sites. They have listed the stores from which they do not receive payment also. This sets them apart from the others.

One can get a list of online stores and products here for various things like clothing, backpacks and other accessories. Just visit this site to know more about Shop wiki. At ShopWiki, you will also be able to find all the available products on the Internet and information on shopping guide as well as where to find the best deal around! You must be wondering, how does ShopWiki work anyway? ShopWiki has a Web-crawling technology like Google crawl, combining with an ultimate shopping search engine with wiki shopping guides. For those who owns an online boutique or shop, this is something you got to CHECK OUT! Because you would definitely want to be listed in their search results. The more search you have, the more buyers you will get, and the more income you will earn. Ahhhh… I can see dollor $$$ signs in your eyes already. And the best part is, ShopWiki DO NOT CHARGE you for shop placement. Not bad, right?

Back in my college years, when I was looking for laptop, there wasn’t any useful guides on buying a laptop computer around. And your friends would most probably tell you to get the high end laptop because you can never go wrong with that but not all the features are fully ultilized if you’re just using for normal work. Anyway, ShopWiki’s shopping guide provides you lots of useful information from their recommended top pick, guide on how to get the best, types, pros and cons, and even features to consider! That’s right! That’s more than enough information to ask for.

Nowadays after being married for a few years, Instead of laptops, I would be shopping for Kitchen appliances, dinnerware or even flatwares. Where else should I go? You guess it!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Bad Economy - Online alternative

Do you have a really cool hobby that you want to tell the world about and share your ideas? Maybe you want to promote a new product that you've found. Maybe you want to just advertise your business. So what do you do?
Professional Hosting from Just Host

You most likely need a website. There are lots of web hosting providers out there so this article is going to focus on one thing... Inexpensive Web Hosting Providers. To have a website, you have to have it "hosted" somewhere. It has to sit on a physical server somewhere in the world that is attached to the internet so people can find your website. There are tons of "hosting providers" out there at all price ranges. The more you pay, the better the quality of service in most cases but I have been using a lot of low cost and "free" hosting providers which have been working out for me and also saves me a quite a bit of money.

Professional Hosting from Just Host

If you have a really mission critical web application or website, then you must pay a premium price for your hosting because you are going to want to make sure your site never goes down. You really don't have way around this. You will probably want to use what is called a "virtual server" or even dedicated server hosting which is not cheap by any means.

If you have up an affiliate page or a simple hobby site, you may not need that much reliablility. I'm not saying the cheaper shared hosting is bad, it just may go down from time to time and make your page unavailable. They usually have a higher customer per server ratio. These are also whats called "shared" servers so all it takes is one idiot to start taking all the server resources and your site goes down for a few minutes occasionally. That's normally not a problem for most webpages and websites. So, cheap hosting is a way to go for a lot of you. Most of the low cost companies also provide the same features as the "big boys".

Professional Hosting from Just Host

If you are really strapped for cash, there are free hosts that I've had very good success with. Most may put advertisements on your site but there are a couple that don't do not put any ads on your system like most of the free hosts do. One I use is 000WebHost. You can setup as many sites as you need for no cost at all and even have your own domain name (yourdomainname.com). If you really need free hosting, this is one I reccomend due to it's features.

Professional Hosting from Just Host $4.95/month - Unlimited disk space and transfers and host unlimited domains

If you can spend a little bit of money (very small amount.. under $10 a month), you can get really inexpensive hosting at JustHost, LunarPages, Godaddy and Yahoo. You can find more out there but these are just the lower cost shared webhosts I have experience with. I can tell you other shared hosts that are more expensive that I use also like WebMasters.com but that is not what this article is about so we'll keep it to free and in-expensive. I must mention though that even the more expensive "shared" hosts go down once in a while.

All of the websites I mentioned will do what you need and have the features of the big sites like unlimited space and "bandwidth"... the amount of traffic you can have. I never have had a problem setting websites on any of these hosts.

All-in-all, if you need hosting for your webpage, free is the way to go unless you need to make sure the site never ever goes down. To make sure the site never goes down and is bullet proof, your going to really have to pay a premium for that. There's no way around it. It's more like paying insurance but if you are just getting started or need something quick, free or cheap hosting is the way to go.

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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Choosing a reliable Webhost

You have carried out the hard part and that's creating the web site. The next step is to get it hosted as to allow the public find your site. So why do so many first time web host seekers fall into the trap of a bad web host company? Well there are a number of factors to consider and none bigger than the price. We all want cheap web hosting but unfortunately price is not always what you should go for.
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You have to be more aware of the web hosting company that you choose. If you have a budget stick to it, if you see hosting for little or nothing and find yourself thinking "how do they make money" stay well away, the chances are your web site will be hosted with very little bandwidth resulting in a very slow accessible and unprofessional web site. You may also find that the customer service is little or none.

You need to clearly outline your own requirements to the web hosting company, if you do not do so you are at fault and not in any position to point the finger at others. If you make a list of requirements such as particular files you need etc you can send your requirements to multiple hosting companies and see who comes back with the greater service.

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If you have more than one web site to host such as affiliate marketers it is not a good idea to put all your sites with the one web host company server to start with, you need to be 100% confident with the service, so start with one web site first as a test. Remember if you do host all your websites with one host company, all it takes is one problem to bring all your sites down and could result in lose of revenue for you. At least if you have some web sites hosted by another company they will still be online.

Some web host companies offer testimonials on their own web site from valued customers recommending them. Seeing is not believing, call these customers and get a face value recommendation for yourself.

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What if I have problems?

Lets be honest, problems can occur and they maybe your fault and sometimes the web host company is to blame. Problems with technology can occur any time but it's how the hosting company react to the fault that will determine if you stay with them or not. If you find your web site dropping off line or downloading slowly at a regular basis simply change to another web host company. On going problems not fixed is a very bad sign and it shows arrogance towards their customers. Support is vital from a web host company and it should be 24 hour if it's a large organisation.

Virus Problems and Hackers

It is up to the web host company to ensure that your files are protected from virus and hackers at all times. There has been plenty of companies who have had their web sites hacked only then to find out that the web host company had not got the latest patches and security software applied. First timers to web hosting should always ask how often updates and what software is used to protect web sites.


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In business your web site can be a large source of revenue or sometimes your only source. Always do your own backup of the web site. If the web host company experience problems and for whatever reason has no backups available your whole business could be on hold. Backups are vital so do it as regular as possible or face the consequences. Some companies have testimonials on their web site from customers, do not be afraid to call these guys for an up to date reference.

If you where taking on an employee you would check all references, this is similar. Always get the full contact details of the web hosting company, many people simple go online and have an email address only as the contact. If their email goes down and you need to contact them you should have their full details at hand. Always shop around for the different web hosting plans and compare, you will find large differences, after you settle with a budget ask the necessary questions before you sign up.

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Rent an Island

The Bahamas is a great place to go with gorgeous white beaches and vibrant blue water. And it’s definitely fun for a weekend getaway. It’s a great place to go to rejuvenate your system. There’s so much you can do on a quick weekend run to the Bahamas. Like water sports, laying around on the beach, taking in a show or just have a feast with the fine cuisine.

So if this is the kind of entertainment you’re looking to have for a weekend, it’s well worth the trip. Of course, if you want to go really extravagant, you can even rent a private island, Musha Cay at Copperfield Bay, Bahamas, for a weekend. But the privacy better be well worth it because it will definitely cost you.

There are hotels that fall between the two extremes of discount and earth shatteringly expensive so if neither end fills the needs your looking for you can always find a middle ground. After all, it’s about the vacation and having fun and where you stay is only reflects a small portion of where you stay…unless you’re looking for an all inclusive resort.

It doesn’t matter if you’re going to the Bahamas to enjoy some snorkeling or diving. It doesn’t matter if you just want to catch some rays by day and gamble by night. Maybe you just want to mosey on down there for a spa treatment before you have to go back to work on Monday. Why not? If that’s what it takes to fight off burn out and take care of yourself, then by all means do it.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Many people want to create a website, but have no experience in website building, know nothing about web design and have never even seen an HTML editor. The BlueVoda website builder is there to make the process of creating a website easy and painless. No HTML editor experience required, and creating websites with this wonderful program is a breeze.

When you create website using the BlueVoda website builder you simply walk through the instructions given to you by the free online tutorials. Website design becomes second nature. All you have to do to create a website is to have an idea of what you actually want to accomplish and how you want your website to look. You don't have to be a website design wiz, or a website building genius, you just have to follow simple instructions.

Thousands of people have used the BlueVoda website builder to create a website and have been delighted with the results, saving themselves untold hours of frustration. Most website maker software on the market requires a person to already have a large HTML editor website maker knowledge base. They expected a businessperson to understand web page design and know how to use an HTML editor website maker for website building. The BlueVoda developers believe that this is an unreasonable and unnecessary expectation.

Creating your own website should be one of the easy and "guaranteed rights of the Internet", and now it is, thanks to the BlueVoda website builder.

Your pal

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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Brazil Vacation

Exotic. Exceptional. Exquisite. The Ponta dos Ganchos Luxury Beach Resort Brazil is a haven of prívate villas and bungalows tucked into the lush Brazilian coast. The luxury resort has recently opened five new private villa bungalows featuring complete privacy, exclusivity and style. The luxury resort is found among Brazil's subtropical southern coastal region Santa Catarina's natural splendor. The rustic-chic bungalows feature private gardens, spacious terraces with panoramic views of the sea, Egyptian cotton sheets on king size beds and entertainment centers. The five newest private villas are named for the rich color of the sea: Emerald Villa Bungalows and the Special Emerald Villa Bungalow. Brazil is blessed with year round sunshine, warm waters and fabulous beach resorts. The coast of Brazil stretches over 1000 kilometres and there is a huge choice of hippy hangouts, hidden sandy cove and bays to sophisticated beach resorts that cater to every whim. Activities along the coast and out on the water are endless; offering every conceivable type of water sports including kite surfing, water skiing, wind surf and dingy sailing to deep sea fishing and scuba diving. Brazil's underwater jungle of coral and reefs offers divers some of the best underwater diving opportunities in the world.

The four new Emerald Villa Bungalows feature an airy bedroom and living area layout, a dry sauna overlooking the sea and a spectacular Jacuzzi. These private villas also include private veranda decks with chaise lounges and plunge pool. The Special Emerald Villa Bungalow is the luxury resort's most sophisticated private villa. It features a dry sauna with sea views, a Spa area with massage tatamis and Jacuzzi, private deck with private lap pool and a private fitness center.

Guests at the Ponta dos Ganchos Exclusive Resort can fill their days with a myriad of activities like tennis, kayaking, sailing, hiking and swimming in the pool. Guests can also try scuba diving, ocean sport fishing, golf, helicopter rides or relax in the luxury spa services by Christian Dior. Chef Luis Salvajoli prepares delectable meals combining local Brazilian delights with international haute cuisine. Specializing in Santa Catarina's famous oysters and  mussels, guests can enjoy the luxury resort fine dining in the restaurant or in the private gazebo on a small private island near the beach.


OK, so it's not the gloss that fits nicely in your front pocket, but as far as getting your return on investment for lipgloss, CARGO Lip Gloss Quad is what you need. CARGO's glosses are notorious for two things; large round tins and four glosses you'll give equal playing time. It's always the same story; you see the palette with shades you think you like, purchase it, and then use just one color while leaving the others virtually untouched. Not the case here.

All of CARGO's Lip Gloss Quads contain complimentary colors with and without shimmer that are easy to wear alone or blend together. My wife own most of them and can attest to using them all equally. South Beach (shown) is probably the one she use the most. Use the lighter shades to mellow out darker lipsticks or blend them together and adjust the perfect nude lip for day and night. My wife love Cargo lip glosses for their smooth, non-sticky formulas and she is totally excited when they come out with new colors. But really?  It doesn't get any better than that.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

It's bathtime

A common childhood phobia can be bathing, or the bathtub itself, and usually occurs in toddlers. If you have a child who is frightened of taking a bath, then you know how frustrating it can be. Fortunately, it is usually just a phase that will eventually pass, and until it does there are many things you can do to make the bathing experience comfortable for both of you.

First, try to pinpoint just what it is that scares your child when it comes to taking baths. It can be different for everyone - some children are afraid of the water pouring in, while others are afraid of looming shower heads that might threaten to pour water on them in any given instant; some are afraid of something so extreme as being sucked down the drain when you unplug the tub, while others simply fear getting water or soap in their eyes. Whatever the issue is, once you realize it, it will be easier to accommodate your child's bath to better suit him and make things easier.

If your child happens to be afraid of the tub being filled - the pouring pressure and loud noise of the water coming in can be frightening for some children - then just pour the water before you bring him into the tub or even the bathroom at all. Don't turn on the water at all while he is bathing. If you need to wash and rinse his hair, just use the water that is already in there or fill up a cup or bowl ahead of time for you to use for this purpose.

Make sure you have a very gentle shampoo and soap to bathe your child with. This will lessen the chances of irritating his eyes if any happens to get into it, thus eliminating the fear of soap burning the eyes. Of course, if in the past soap has already burned his eyes, he may automatically be afraid of it still, and many children hate the feel of water in their eyes in generally, even when it doesn't hurt. There are special water-pouring cups on the market (usually in the baby bath section of stores) that prevent any soap or water getting near the face when you wet or rinse the hair. What I tend to do is use a detachable shower head, turn it on the very soft setting, and gently rinse the soap out of his hair. With this it is easier to avoid getting water and soap all over his face, but of course this will only work for children who aren't afraid of the shower head!

If none of those things work when it comes to the water-in-eyes fear, you may want to try some swimming goggles, provided that your child will let you put them on. But for many, this adds some fun to bath time, as well as keeping water and soap from the eyes.

If your child does happen to fear the shower head itself, there are different techniques you can try. One is, if you have a detachable shower head, to remove it and leave it sitting out of the bathtub so there's no fear of it suddenly turning on. If this doesn't work, it usually helps to show your child that there is no way for it to turn on by itself - you can show him one day when he isn't in the bath at all, that it only works when you turn on the water and the lever. The way that really worked for me is to let my child play with the shower head. I even turned it on to a low setting and let him hold onto it, letting him realize that there is really nothing to fear.

The fear of being sucked down the drain, as silly as it may sound to an adult, can actually be a common fear in young children. At that age, they haven't yet grasped the comprehension between their size as it is relative to other things. It can be difficult to make a young child understand that it is impossible to go down the drain along with the water. A simple solution to this fear is to just not unplug the bathtub until well after you take your child out of the bath and the bathroom itself.

In the meantime, make sure to give your child some opportunities to play with water, outside of bathing time. Stand with him at the sink, fill it with a little water, plug it, and let him play in it with some toys. Encourage him to try new things, such as unplugging and replugging the sink himself so he can see just what happens. This will help him grasp the understanding that he won't be hurt by going down the drain. This can also help for children who just fear the water in general.

Keep bath toys that are strictly for the bath. This will create a nice incentive for your child to want to take a bath, so he can enjoy the toys that are just for that purpose. It can also keep things fun and exciting to keep a variety of different bath toys, and switch them up every now and then.

To help your child feel more involved in the bath process and in control of things, it can be encouraging to help him choose things - take him to the store to pick out toys just for the bath, keep a couple of different character-inspired shampoos on hands and let him choose which one he wants before taking a bath, etc. Something that really worked for me were those little bath color tablets, that change the color of the bath water. It became a routine to let my son choose which color he wanted and let him throw it into the tub full of water and everything. He would get excited to watch the color change, and made the whole bath experience much more fun.

If absolutely nothing seems to help your child overcome the fear of the bath, there are other things you can try, such as using a smaller basin or baby tub inside of the larger one. This can help a toddler feel more secure and safer. Just adding a very small amount of water to the tub instead of filling it with several inches may also help. If these things fail too, try taking a bath with your child - just the presence of a parent can be comforting to a bath-fearing child.

One thing I've noticed, is that bath time became more of a hassle for my son when it would always be right before bed time. He began to associate taking baths with going to bed, and so he'd try to get out of it thinking it would forever prolong bed time. Switching baths to the morning or earlier in the evening, so there is a gap between bathing and bed time, should greatly help this problem.

Above all, be gentle and encouraging with your child when it comes to baths. Do your best to make it a pleasant experience, and never force him into the bathtub - this can make fears even worse than they already are, and last a longer period of time than they have to. If he absolutely refuses to enter the bathtub, then give him a sponge bath in the meantime and remind yourself that this is a phase, and it too shall pass.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Reading to your child

Teaching your child to read is the single most important thing that you can do as a parent. Having to raise a energetic almost six year old boy, I have learned some games that work wonders with reading. Oddly enough, it is also one of the easiest things we can do, if we harness the power of a child's natural inclination to want to play. Reading is often presented as something a child should do, as opposed to something they will like to do. So, how do we do it? We use games to teach our child to read and enjoy it..isn't simply that simple?

The first thing to remember is that everything does not have to be perfectly structured. The urge to read is what we are trying to build in our child, and the ability to read will come along in due time. That said, we should try to find ways to make reading a fun and exciting thing for our child. Using games is a natural and easy way to accomplish this goal.

Here are few Great Games to have fun and to teach your child to read -

One of the earliest games that we can use to teach our child to read is a variation of the old scavenger hunts. Simply write down short, fun direction for your child on little slips of paper. These might include "hop", "skip", or something similar. Then take the slips of paper and hide them throughout the house or yard for your child to search for. Once they locate the instructions, have them read and execute the directions. As the child's reading skills advance, so too can the directions.

A second popular reading game is memory based. This game is when you write down four words, and have the child read them out loud. Then you have the child recite the four words without looking. This can be a reward type game, or it can be just for fun. As the child advances, add new words. This not only helps your child to read, but it also helps you to build their memory skills.

The next popular game that can be used to teach your child to read is called the daily letter. Every single day, write your child a letter and leave it in the mailbox. It can be from the principle's office, yourself, the grandmom, superman, spiderman, or the neighborhood superhero, or anyone at all. These letters get to be a daily part of the routine that you take with your child, and they will gladly attempt to read something addressed directly to them. Tailor the letters to their reading level, but challenge their reading skills on occasion to help them to grow.

Another fantastic game to help your child learn to read is Kitchen helper. If you write down the cooking directions for supper each night, then they can read them off to you and help you in the kitchen. This builds great confidence and it can even teach them to cook over time. They will have to learn about measurements, numbers, addition, reading skills, and even temperature and time readings. This has obvious benefits for your child's learning skills.

Teaching our child to read through the use of games is an easy, fun thing that we can do as a Parent. It is our responsibility to give our children a head start on school, and the ability to enjoy reading is a gift that will give forever.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Imagine if..

Once there was a boy and a dog. They belonged to each other. The dog had come to live with the boy when the boy was just a baby and the dog was just a puppy. They grew to be great friends. The boy loved the dog very much. He knew when the dog was hungry. He always made sure the dog had good bones to eat. The dog loved the boy very much as well. He would listen for the bus that brought the boy from school everyday. He always waited for the boy at the door or by the bedside. They loved each other very much.When the summer came and the boy didn't have school, they would spent all day chasing butterflies, or playing tumbles across the flower fields. They both thought it was the best time of year.

Just like the boy could tell when the dog was hungry, The dog could tell when the boy didn't feel well. The boy started to feel sick in the middle of summer. He tried not to let it show, But the boy didn't feel well at all. Sometimes when the boy couldn't run and play The two would sit inside on the boy's bed. That was fine with the dog, as long as he was with the boy. Sometimes the boy felt so sick his parents took him away. When the boy came home he smelled like medicine. The dog didn't mind it at all. He only wanted the boy to get well. The dog would lie on the bed and look at the boy sleeping peacefully. The boy would pet the dog's soft cheek and falls asleep.

The boy went to the place that made him smell like medicine more often. The dog waited longer each time for the boy to return. Then, one day at the end of summer, the parents came home without the boy. The dog looked for the boy. He waited at the door for the longest time. After many hours the dog went to the boy's bedroom. The dog waited upon the bed for the boy. The dog waited all that day, and all night as well. The dog waited all day long the next day too. He even listened for the bus that brought the boy home from school. He waited and waited.

After a few days, the boy's father came to the boy's room. He sat on the bed with the dog and petted the dog's soft cheek. The boy's father told the dog that the boy may not be coming home. He explained that the boy was very sick now and the boy couldn't chase butterflies, or play fetch on summer days either. The dog understood and was very sad.

The dog wondered would the boy ever be coming home and who would know when he was hungry? Who would he wait for every day? He wondered who would fall asleep while petting his soft cheeks? The dog was so sad he thought about going to find the boy. The dog didn't know where he would start to look. One day the mother petted the dog's soft cheek. She told the father that the dog's heart might be broken. The dog didn't really understand. He would cry and he would sleep. He dreamt about chasing butterflies with the boy on summer days.

After many many months a curious thing happened. One day, the mother and father came home. On this day, they had come from the place that smelled like medicine. The dog became very excited. He looked for the boy. There was another smell with the parents besides medicine. It was a smell the dog remembered from long ago. It was the smell of the boy, but it was different. The dog kept looking for the boy. After a while the father came to the dog. The father was very happy and petted the dog's soft cheek. He told the dog that today was doubly special. He told the dog that he needed the dog to help with an important job. He took the dog to the boy's room. There was a crib in the boy's room now. The boy had slept in a crib when the dog first came to live with him. The dog was very excited but he went to the crib very slowly. He looked into the crib for the boy. There in the crib was a beautiful baby girl.

He sat at the foot of the crib and looked at the baby girl for hours. After a long time the baby girl woke up. She began to cry. The dog could tell she was hungry. The mother fed the baby girl and put her back into the crib. The dog watched the baby girl. The baby girl watched the dog. As the baby girl fell back to sleep, she petted the dog's soft cheek. The dog remembered the boy. There in the crib was a beautiful baby. The father explained that this was a baby girl. He and the mother said that they needed the dog to help them. They needed him to help like he had done with the boy. The dog wasn't sure that he could do that. He had loved the boy, but this was a baby girl. He sat at the foot of the crib and looked at the baby girl for hours. After a long time the baby girl woke up. She began to cry. The dog could tell she was hungry. The dog got the mother and she fed the baby girl. After the baby girl was fed her mother put her back into the crib. The dog watched the baby girl. The baby girl watched the dog. As the baby girl fell back to sleep, she petted the dog's soft cheek. The dog remembered the boy and wondered again when would he be coming back. Morning sun quickly came and a familiar voice from a distant awaken the dog. He knew he would see the boy again some day but didn't think it will be today! The boy is finally back home. He looked different and without hair just like his baby sister but the dog was happy to see him once more.

Monday, February 16, 2009


Kids say some of the funniest things, especially preschoolers, and they say things in all seriousness that we as adults find hysterically funny - and sometimes terribly embarrassing. I have a preschooler, and some of the things he has said were very embarrassing but funny at the same time. If you want to know the truth on just about
any subject, just ask preschoolers for their opinion. Chances are you'll find out that preschoolers innocently say some really funny things, and they do it with complete honesty and sincerity. Here is a story from one of my retired colleague. About two years ago he adopted a child from China and here is his story.

The Little Shi-Tzu

While waiting in the hall outside of the kindergarten room, I nervously waited for my little boy to complete a series of questions asked by the kindergarten teacher. The questions were to determine his readiness for kindergarten, and although I was confident he would pass with flying colors, a parent can never be sure what their child will say when asked innocent questions. Anyone who is a parent knows what I'm talking about. You hope that your child won't divulge personal information or say something embarrassing during the course of questioning.

As I stood in the hall I listened intently to hear the questions and answers. I hoped my child would have the answers that would show he was ready to begin kindergarten in the fall. My shy little boy was unusually talkative that day, and he was adding much more to the conversation than simple answers to the direct questions asked by the teacher. When my little boy told the teacher that Panda knocked coloring books and drawings down from the refrigerator, the teacher became curious. She began asking questions since Panda is an unusual name for any pet.
The teacher asked my little girl if Panda was a dog. He said, "No, Panda is our cat, but we have a dog. He is a Shi-Tzu." My son unnaturally drew out the word Shi-Tzu, and I breathed a sigh of relief when he finished - until his next comment. He then informed the teacher that he s**t all over the house! I felt my face turning hot and red, and I felt like crawling beneath the chair I should have been sitting on. All I could do was blurt out, arrggg! I was mortified. He said it in all seriousness, and although I thought it was funny, it was really embarrassing! I couldn't stop chuckling to myself, but at the same time I felt like running away. How could I face the teacher when the interview was over?

The teacher was smiling when I entered the room after the interview, and he must have been able to tell that I was very embarrassed. I told her she could probably write a book on the funny things preschoolers say, but he went on with the discussion as if nothing had happened. She's probably heard much worse, but because it was my child, the situation seemed really awkward to me. Now I can sit back and laugh about it!

Hotels for Summer vacation?

A few years ago, when locals heard there were plans to build a luxury high rise that would feature multi-million dollar penthouse apartments and thousand-dollar-a-night hotel rooms on Miami Beach, there were more than a few skeptics. Now South Beach has hostels and hotels and super-deluxe accommodations and sells them all out on a regular basis.

The Miami Beach Hotel Setai truly sets the standard for upscale resort amenities on South Beach. The Summer in the City offer nowadays may just fit your travel budget.  Guests are invited to experience the restaurant's renowned international cuisine starting with a choice of dim sum, noodles and salads such as the warm grilled Thai beef salad, the wild mushroom salad with Japanese buckwheat soba noodles, or tender chicken sautéed in coconut milk and served with galangal, kaffir, lime leaf and oyster mushrooms.

Entrees include a choice of cinnamon rubbed salmon, BBQ Kurobuta pork with five spices or Cantonese style thick rice noodles with black mushrooms, napa cabbage and seared skirt steak. Desserts are also a range of Thai, Indian and Asian sweets. Former Karu and Y sommelier Dwayne Savoie has also paired "Hidden Values from Around the World.

If you have been meaning to make your way to this luxe new resort but haven't yet found the motivation, perhaps Wright's new tasting menu will convince you it's time to Summer at the Setai.

The Setai in South Beach has every amenity and comfort you can imagine. With gorgeous Asian-influenced décor, luxurious and spacious suites, a full-service spa, 3 pools and 2 great restaurants – it is not surprising that this is the most expensive hotel in Miami.

Friday, February 13, 2009


The world is full of flowers. Visit any place dedicated to flowers and
you will be amazed at the types of flowers, and facts about them.
Flowers come in all shapes, and colors. Some of them can intoxicate you with their lovely perfume. Some are so delicate
that one fears touching them. And all of them are stunningly beautiful.
still, it is the Rose which is preferred around the world as a flower
of choice on the Valentine's day? I wonder about this. And though I
have not tried to search for the reasons, here is my own theory on why
it is so. One another fact struck me. We can get Roses in many colors
but still it the dark red that is preferred as the flower of love. Why?

us first think about the color choice. I think that dark red must be
the preferred color as it looks like red. And every true lover is ready
to shed his/her blood for the beloved. Also love is associated with the
heart, and heart pumps blood. So red signifies love. Colors have their
own significance, looking at any white color, the first thought is of
purity. Same way red means love.

Now let us examine our central
theme. Why Rose? A Rose has thorns. But the thorns are below the Rose.
The Rose represents life beautifully. It has very soft petals, that
tell us about the soft side of living and thorns to convey that life is
not all the bed of Roses without thorns. What does a lover do? A true
lover will always take the thorns and give only the soft flowers to
his/her darling. That is love and love demands that one give only
comfort to one's darling. Love demands sacrifice. Love demands giving
of joy. Love demands that all pain be kept away from the beloved. That
is also the message a lover sends across to his/her beloved with a
Rose. I have kept the thorns with myself and I am sending you these
soft flowers . I think this is the reason why on Valentine's day, the
deep red Rose is the flower of choice - it is the flower of love and

Thursday, February 12, 2009

A getaway

Love is in the air. Just 24 hours away from Valentine. If you don't have any ideas...well here is one for the ages! Spanish-colonial architecture, chic interior design and old-world charm await guests at Casa Colonial Beach & Spa Resort, ideally located on the golden sand beaches in the city of Puerto Plata. This luxurious boutique resort has introduced a menu of wedding offerings, ideal for creating a uniquely romantic celebration. Featuring an exceptional array of services, the Casa Colonial’s “Tailor-made Wedding” package provides the ultimate in luxury weddings.

Designed to reflect the Victorian architecture of Puerto Plata, Casa Colonial offers unparalleled service and a unique approach to Caribbean luxury. The three-story, oceanfront resort consists of 50 suites, and features the finest amenities, including a rooftop Infinity Pool, four ocean-view Jacuzzis, a fitness center, a private dining room and wine cellar and an outdoor oceanfront event pavilion ideal for gatherings. Situated on the glittering Amber Coast and surrounded by lush tropical gardens, Casa Colonial provides a romantic and alluring backdrop for an extravagant wedding celebration.

In addition to the intimate accommodations, couples can experience true pampering and relaxation with lavish treatments at Casa Colonial’s renowned Bagua Spa. Designed by Dominican architect Sarah Garcia to create a serene sanctuary, the spa is surrounded by the beaches and lush mountain ranges of the Dominican Republic’s north coast. Praised for its unique therapies that incorporate minerals and tropical plant extracts indigenous to the area, the full-service spa features 10 indoor treatment rooms and three outdoor oceanfront treatment gazebos. The spa also includes two private couples treatment rooms that house a Jacuzzi and a relaxation balcony for two.

Whether the couple is planning wedding festivities, a private honeymoon or renewing their vows, Casa Colonial Beach & Spa provides an exotic setting, ideal accommodations and flawless service to create the perfect combination for a romantic celebration. Couples can customize their experience by choosing a combination of Casa Colonial’s pre-made packages, including a basic wedding package, pre-wedding spa packages and a honeymoon retreat package, and additional services offered from the wedding a-la-carte menu. This collection of options provides couples with the opportunity to select their ideal combination of arrangements, services and items to design and personalize their Caribbean wedding experience.

For added sophistication and innovation, couples can opt to serve gourmet, Dominican-inspired dishes from Casa Colonial’s upscale dining venue Lucia. Star Executive Chef Rafael Vásquez entices guests with his expertise in local cuisine and creation of exotic dishes, such as his Grilled Dominican lobster tail or Duck Delight, a sautéed breast of duck, crispy leg “confit” and fresh foi gras served with a brandy, honey, hoi-sun and apple cider sauce, chives, mashed potatoes and spinach. Customized menus for celebrations and gatherings are available upon request.

A small boy's Valentine

Valentine's Day is usually considered a romantic holiday for couples, but most people have fond memories of February 14, while they were children. At school, kids love to wear red and hand out the valentines
they put together for friends. Our son of five year old is so worried that he's not going to get a Valentine from his classmates but the best part is always receiving valentines and candy in return! But what about the younger toddlers and preschoolers who don't yet attend classes? Here are five fun and creative activities you can do with your youngsters on Valentine's Day. (Great Valentine Gift Ideas)

1) Bake cupcakes. Who doesn't love eating a cupcake? Even one will not do any lasting damage to a diet. Cupcakes can be fun to put together too. Toddlers are great helpers; they can stir the mix and place the paper cups in the baking sheet. Preschoolers can help measure and pour the different ingredients into the mixing bowl. Everyone can decorate together, but icing and sprinkles do easily make their way to the floor, so make sure to put a sheet or some newspapers down first. If you would rather not keep all the yummy cupcakes for your family, they would be well received at an assisted living center, a fire or police station or just some neighbors down the street.

2) Decorate wall hearts. You can cut out some large construction paper hearts for your child to decorate. Markers, paints, stickers, ribbons, doilies, and candies can make great additions to wall hearts. Both toddlers and preschoolers will need some help with the glue to attach pretty things to their hearts. Afterwards, you can hang them around the house to create a Valentine atmosphere in your home without spending a fortune.

3) Make your own Valentine Day T-shirts. Plain white T-shirts and shirt paints are cheap and easy to find in stores. If you buy a pack of T-shirts, you can save some and decorate one for every holiday. The smaller kids love to make handprints in different colors all over the shirts and take great pride in showing off their creation. For Valentine's Day, pink and red handprints look great in a heart shape pattern.
4) Create your own Valentine's Day cards for mommy or daddy. If you fold the paper and guide them along, both toddlers and pre-schoolers enjoy making parents something personal. You may have to do some of the writing yourself, if it is what wish for on the card, but drawing pictures is your best bet. Go ahead and make one for Grandma and Grandpa too, then make a special Valentine's Day run to the post office and let your youngster put the letters in the mail themselves. Later, help them prepare to surprise mommy or daddy with the card when they return from work.

5) Crown your toddler or preschooler as Valentine Prince (King) or Princess (Queen) for a day. Little kids will use any excuse to dress up like mom and dad and will have a blast if you play along with it too. Let them pick out what they would like to wear for the day and then fashion a crown or hat to match. Don't forget to call them by their Royal name throughout the day and for extra fun, take a trip to the mall so they can show off their regal wear.

Any of these ideas would have a toddler or preschooler laughing with delight over Valentine's Day! Before you know it, your children will want to know when the next Valentine's holiday will be.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

NBC rejected superbowl Ad

At first NBC's advertising sales department accepted this ad. But then NBC rejected this ad once the some of the "other" news people at NBC had a chance to watch it. This is the ad some don't want America to see . . . because some have no answer for this ad.

Even though this ad was created just a few weeks ago, millions of Americans have seen this ad already . . . despite NBC's efforts to blackout Imagine.
No matter what your stand is, this is worth a glimpse. This is NOT the Peta Ad.

Click on --> NBC Superbowl Rejected Ad

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

WebHosting for $4.95/Mo

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Having own domain is a privilege for bloggers like me who participated in some of paid posting networks because most of them preferred it. To get your own domain is both risky and costly. And most users were having confusion with its uploading data. Through net browsing, I found this WebHostingGeeks.com. It is a webhosting service experts for web services and they give away at least one free domain name registration for their clients. This sounds like this is exactly what I needed.

Professional Hosting from Just Host

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Professional Hosting from Just Host

Just Host’s reliability is guaranteed due in part to their unique load balancing technology and super fast backbone connections. With load balancing, your site is available from multiple servers, so if one server becomes unavailable, your site will still be live on the other server, virtually eliminating site downtime. Just Host are a first class shared hosting provider who offer free domains, unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited email accounts and the ability to host unlimited domains. Just Host are committed to making web hosting simple and understandable for every user. We have ensured our sign up process is as straightforward as possible to ensure customers have no problems setting up their account. Customers will usually receive their login details within 10 minutes of subscribing, making the process swift and efficient.

The Just Host team has over 10 years experience in web hosting and are dedicated to providing customers with the most reliable web hosting service possible. We guarantee affordable price plans, secure servers, first class 24/7 technical support and a wide range of features. Whether customers want a blog, e-commerce or discussion boards, Just Host provides them with their own cPanel account to design their site in exactly the way they want, making Just Host the obvious choice.

The Last Hosting Plan You’ll Ever Need - Just Host $4.95/month - Unlimited Disk Space and Transfers and Host Unlimited Domains.

Good Old Days

Now, I am telling stories of the "good old days" to my grandchildren about the years of my growing up, and raising a family. I often wonder how the past 70 years have gone so fast and I often comment maybe time really does fly. In a span of 70 years there are 25,550 days, 613,000 hours, 36,792,000 minutes and 2,207,520,000 seconds. Did I use this time wisely? We can't go back and get that time. Did I accomplish everything that was meant for me to do? How will I pass the time for the rest of my years? Will my grandchildren cherish the time I spent with them? I certainly hope so.

In a time for taking stock of ones life, time can be defined as a suitable or opportune moment or season. I have had many moments of opportune moments or seasons, as I look back in time every day, re-living those memories of past times. In taking stock of our life, can we really determine if time flies? Where did it go?
Get out those old photo albums and reorganize them. This would be a fun project for you and the grandparents. Recalling memories is a great way to keep their minds active and alert. They might have stories to tell about you that your own parents don't even remember, but that you will be able to pass down to your own children one day. They might also be able to link certain traits of yours back to your own parents. I'll bet you were wondering whom you got your hair twirling from!

A very long hand

In modern day trend remote connection and Remote Access has become a very important one. When you use remote connection you can easily transfer a file from anywhere in the world. This is mainly helpful for the students or traveling busineses executives because they need information all over the world. If they want to access all the things through mails it will take time. And also in mails hackers are increasing day by day. So it is not good to have all your transformation through mails. The remotepc.com provides a basic platform for user to get connected. Suppose a student want some information regarding his project he can share the information with other student through this file. The procedure is just simple. If two of the users want to get connected they need to sign in to the remotepc.com and then they can share the information. You can access your remote computer through any browser that is the main advantage of this site. Moreover they are giving 30 days trial pack for this. So you can check whether it is working or not and also you can check the performance. If is not satisfying you can leave. But this thing does not happen because most of them are continuing after 30 days trial period due to high performance.

What is the time?

Have you ever heard the cliche "Time Flies"? Do you think time flies? If time flies where does it go?

Time is defined in many ways depending on how you use it in a sentence. In this instance, time can be described as ones lifetime. Time is a non spatial continuum, in which events occur in apparent irreversible succession from the past through the present to the future. As the clock ticks off minutes, hours and days, we may not have finished what we are doing or what we want to do, but the clock keeps ticking leaving us with less time.

As a child, time seemed like it stopped, it didn't go fast enough. As time passes, it picks up the pace and we hear "the older I get the faster time goes", or "time really flies". We look back on our memories and wonder where time went.

Remembering the "good old days", my grandparents lived a block from my parents house and growing up, I spent a lot of time there. After my Grandfather retired, both of them stitched hand made quilts using the old quilting frames, giving them to children and grandchildren. Grandma used to say "we do it to pass the time". They also spent many hours in the front porch swing, talking about what their lives were like raising their family in times gone by. My Grandfather owned a gasoline jobber business and the boys in the family helped out there, while the girls helped in the house and with the growing of vegetables and fruits to feed their family. We heard stories about not having a road in front of their house when they built it and then a mud and gravel road before paving; there was no or little money and things were bartered or traded. As they grew older, when we were ending our visit, we would say "we will see you next time" and Grandma would respond with "Well, I hope so." She knew their time was growing near. My grandparents have both been gone several years, but I will always cherish the memories and the time I spent with my grandparents.

A killer

Mesothelioma is a deadly cancer that is directly linked to asbestos exposure. By the time this cancer is diagnosed the disease is usually well advanced. Signs and symptoms may not appear until 20 to 60 years after being exposed to asbestos. The most common mesothelioma symptoms are difficulty in breathing, chest pain, or both. Occasionally, a patient may not have mesothelioma symptoms at diagnosis. Other less common symptoms include weight loss, fever, night sweats, cough, and a general feeling of not being well. Mesothelioma symptoms of peritoneal mesothelioma may include swelling, pain due to accumulation of fluid in the abdomen cavity, weight loss, and a mass in the abdomen. Other mesothelioma symptoms of peritoneal mesothelioma may include bowel obstruction, blood clotting abnormalities, anemia (a lowered red blood cell count), and fever.


 If diagnosed with mesothelioma, it is imperative to become informed about the different forms of mesothelioma treatment due to the aggressive form of this disease. Mesothelioma attacks the mesothelium or the protective lining that covers and protects many of the body's internal organs. One form of this deadly cancer is peritoneal mesothelioma. It invades the peritoneum or the membranous lining that houses the stomach, liver, spleen, pancreas and intestines.

A commercial Excuse?

For many people, Valentine's Day is little more than a commercial excuse to charge large amounts of money for cards, chocolates and any other conceivable gift. However, it doesn't just have to be about this. Letting people know you care about them is important, not just on Valentine's Day, but all year round, but Valentine's Day is as good a day as any to do so, so why show your partner how much you care, without buying into the commercialism of the day?

Spend the Day Together
Simply spending time with someone can show them you care. Do something together that your partner is interested in. For many people, having the time to spend a day together is difficult, so why not use Valentine's Day as an excuse to spend the day together? If they are the outdoors type, go rock-climbing together or go paintballing – nothing says "I love you" like being hit with a large blob of paint! Otherwise, just take the day off to hang out – maybe go for a walk together, or go and see a film, and just enjoy each others company.

Do Something For Them
It's very easy to fall into the trap of not doing things for others, often despite our best intentions. If your partner always does the cooking, perhaps its time to lend a hand, or even cook her a surprise valentine dinner? Doing things for your partner is something you can do all year round to show you care, but if you have to start some time, why not Valentine's Day?
Showing someone you care is a year round thing, not a one day a year thing, however, there is no harm in sending them a subtle reminder on Valentine's Day, or if you, like me are one of those who often takes things for granted, the 14th of February can be as good a day as any to turn over a new leaf!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Secure and Lock

Theres much buzz about using paper shredders to protect your identity, but ever stop to think what you're shredding? Whats stopping the average Joe the plumber from walking by your unlocked mailbox, grabbing credit card offers, blank checks & stealing your mail along with your identity. What good is a paper shredder without a locking mailbox? This site here about locking mailbox is spot on! 

Once again, it is in every citizens best interest to stay on top of what they expect to be receiving by mail and why. Any fraudulent activity could come back down on your head if you are not quick to recognize and report it. This is why an early alert system can be of such great use - you need to know if someone is using your personal information.

Invest in a locking mailbox if you live in an area where your mail could be vulnerable, and be vigilant! No-one should put anything in your mailbox except for the US postal service. Mail fraud carries heavy penalties, so if you suspect your mailbox may be under attack, you should take steps to protect your identity.

Silent Gift

If your words are exhausted, offload your headache with a beautiful bunch or bouquet of flowers on this Valentine's Day. Flowers doubtless, are the ideal way to express your romanticism silently. Valentine is a special occasion to show your emotions and sentiments to your love one. Flowers convey thousands of messages without actually saying anything. They have their own way of expressing emotions and love.. Flowers are treated as the most adorable symbol of love. It conveys those messages that you can express in your words.
Flowers are the sweet romantic valentine gift. Love is a very special feeling therefore it must be expressed in an outstanding and romantic way. Valentine's Day is the perfect day for lovers and friends to express their love and feeling. Flowers are undoubtedly highly popular choice to send on Valentine's Day. If you have decided to gift something else to your love one then also you can consider flowers or a single red rose that will enhance the beauty of gifts.
Flowers are available every where in market especially on the Valentine's Day. Florists have wide range of flower that offer in various types of arrangements. The flowers encircled with phallic shaped pink or creamy colored beacon that certainly let your valentine know what you feel about him/her. Gifts with beautiful flowers make your love one knows that how much you care and love them.
Today, with Internet technology, sending flowers online is the rapid and popular method for giving flowers to your love one. There are lots of benefits of sending flowers online:

    * The major advantage of online florists is that you can save your time. It saves lots of your time because you don't need to go outside from your office or home.

    * At online florists, you have huge range of choice of flowers in front of you from where you can select flowers. Here you can see the actual pictures of bouquet; therefore, you don't need to imagine how flowers should look like.

    * Fast delivery. Your order will be place in a similar day as you order. They have their contact in most of the cities and towns of the country throughout the world.

    * Hassle free. Apart from speedy, this is a hassle free process that is spreading rapidly across the world.

Flowers will be sent to your or recipient's doorstep that can bring feeling of excitement and surprise on their face. Just pack your worries and doubt, if you forgot to wish someone on their special occasion just send flowers through online medium. You don't need to feel embarrassed.
Ferns N Petals is one of the famous online florists that offer various services of sending flowers any where in India or across the world. You can chase them for your valentine flower delivery need. You can send valentine flowers to India with the aid of them.

Your eyes and the New York Times

Ok, let's start this post with a simple question, what if you could get quality eyeglasses on the cheap? I think it would be great if I can find a place where I can buy high quality eyeglasses on the cheap. High quality eyeglasses can be everything. It helps you with your eye problem, and it can also help you to be more stylish and fashionable. The New York Times recently did an article on zennioptical.com and the reviews of this site was very good. They offer low cost but high quality frames.

Guys, as far as I know, zennioptical.com is the only place where you can search, find, and order high quality eyeglasses. They have almost everything about eyeglasses. You can find eyeglasses that fit on your style, fit on your budget, and the most important thing is that you can find eyeglasses that save for you to wear. Oh yea, at zennioptical.com you can find eyeglasses that fit on everyone. So if you're looking for eyeglasses for your parents, friends, or even someone you love. You can get it all from zennioptical.com.

Magical Quality

With Valentines approaching, people everywhere are deep in thought regarding what to give their loved ones on that very special day. Although it may be a labor of love, coming up with a different gift every year and on several different occasions all year long may prove tedious and eventually you'll find your gifts becoming repetitive. However, there's always one gift that never gets old or goes out of fashion; Valentines flowers.
Sending Valentines flowers is an age old tradition that has been inspired by ancient Persian customs. It's not surprising that flowers have been used to communicate feelings for so many centuries considering their variety, beauty and symbolic attributes. Although flowers are largely taking for granted as a normal part of everyday scenery, they never fail to make an impact as a special gift.
Valentines flowers are not only a wonderful tool you can use to express your emotions but they are also readily available almost anywhere. Valentines flowers are available in so many different arrangements, sizes and colors that they're a suitable gift for just about everyone. Valentines flowers have the same lovely effect on the recipient whether you plan to send Valentines flowers to your companion of many years or to the high school sweetheart you've just fallen in love with.
Valentines flowers include a wide variety of flowers besides just the typical red roses. There are daisies, lilies, orchids and so many more flowers you can easily pick and choose from when you decide to send valentines flowers. There is also a great deal of variety with regards to the monetary value. You can choose to buy valentines flowers in the form of a huge, extravagant arrangement that will take your loved one's breath away or a lovely and simple bouquet just to show that you care. The bottom line is; no matter what shape your budget is in, you can always find a way to buy valentines flowers.
When it comes to selecting a florist, the options are endless. You can either choose one right across the street or you can choose one all the way across town. This is possible thanks to the internet which has made it quite easy to explore the various floral arrangements different florists have to offer so that when you buy valentines flowers, you choose flowers that are just what you have in mind. After all, if you choose to depend on the "language of flowers" to get your point across, you have to make sure that the right flowers are doing the talking!
When you choose to sendflowers by post, just add a few sincere words and you've got yourself an impeccable gift to send to your loved one this Valentines. No matter how many times a person has received flowers, they never lose their magical quality to make all the problems go away, if only for a few moments. Why not take advantage of such a powerful quality and let the flowers do all the talking this year?

Leads anybody?

Every dynamic businessman looks forward to develop his or her business. Now there is a better way for doing it. Running a business is not that easy. With a new technology called as ICBM or otherwise called as Instant Call Back Manager, your customer will be called within 7 seconds, then pre-qualified and then transferred to your sales agent. Thus, if you buying the lead, then you can have the lead flow through this system first. You will be getting customers quicker than anybody else. You will be getting customers around 2 to 24 hours earlier than others.In business,one needs to be sure that one is getting the right kind of customers and also that too proper ones. One needs to also ensure that the customer requirements are properly met and also the customers have the necessary qualification. You can visit their web site f9group.com.You can know about the F9 Group, Inc. which aids in this. The site gives insight about a free marketing plan. Also there are hot lead transfers. F9Group excels in Direct Response Marketing, call centers, store locator services, voice broadcasting, live google map design, business dashboards,transcription,predictive dialers,television,direct mail,search engine marketing,customn software, marketing analytics, marketing reports, airtime purchasing etc.

It's V-Day in a few days

Valentines Day is celebrated every year on the 14th of February. Other countries might have the same celebration with a different name and at a different time. It is very difficult to forget Valentines Day because this celebration is highly commercialized and helps in getting profit for many businesses, flowers businesses in particular.

Simple men might find it a chore to select different gifts every year for their lovers on Valentines Day. The simplest solution to this problem is to send Valentines flowers every year or add an extra flower yearly to represent the number of years spent together. It is common practice everywhere and for every modern culture to send Valentines flowers. As long as the gift is meaningful and from the heart, any lady would be pleased to receive flowers. Those with insensitive lovers who didn't send them flowers will not even be satisfied by diamonds. Valentines Day and Valentines flowers come together.

Flowers are available in many varieties, colors and scents. The tradition of sending flowers on Valentines Day was inspired by the Persian tradition. In some places, Valentines marks the beginning of spring with flowers starting to bloom everywhere. It's a logical idea for men to collect those blooming flowers and present them to their ladies. Valentines Day are also celebrated as 'single's awareness day' where everybody gives chocolates to one another. For students in school, they will write appreciative words on cards and exchange them with their friends on Valentines Day. With the rises in price for many things, some people send e-flowers through internet instead of real flowers, which can be funny or disappointing for some ladies. Nothing beats receiving actual flowers..

Valentines Day flowers are commonly available. If the shop around the corner doesn't sell it, just go online and you can order in a few clicks. There is no excuse for not sending flowers on Valentines Day. To prevent questions by friends and colleague, some single ladies are even sending Valentines Day flowers with a love note to themselves. The relationship between parents and friends can also be celebrated by sending Valentines Day flowers which symbolizes love after all.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Foreign economy

What is the outlook for the Russian economy? What is the investments environment like currently? Check it out here : Russian stock


Parenting does not only involve securing the optimum health options for your kids and providing emotional support to them as they growth. Aside from these, it is also suitable that maintenance that benefit their mental developments are also assured. There is a variety of alternatives for these types of toys that give not only delight to a child, but more importantly, the needed learning advantages that they offer.

In choosing for the specific kinds of toys apt for your child, it is wise to keep in mind that you are sure at what intellectual level your child is in. Knowing this will not be a problem since your child's age is the most reliable referral you can use. Yet, we cannot disregard the fact that there are children lower and higher than the average intellectual capacity expected for a specific age, hence it is useful that you know your child well.

The usual and readily available toys with both the aesthetic and intellectual aspects are puzzles of various types like picture puzzles, logic puzzles and simple mathematical problems. There are also educational toys like construction and tool box sets, flash cards, stacking alphabet cubes, and types of sorting toys among others.

After gaining a thorough picture of the child's mental capacities, which also involves the correct identification of the weaknesses and the strengths of a child, the next step is to decide on the approach the parents might want to take. It is also important to note that parents are able to familiarize with the distinction between weakness and strengths versus preferred and undesired toys for kids. There is a thin line between them, although most of the times they go in parallel, that is, those that children enjoy the most are their strengths and those they dislike are their weakness.

Yet, parents should always be sharp enough on their kid's behavior. It is sensible that parents spend time with their children while playing in order to see whether a child plays a specific toy for their colors or for the toy's shapes or if the children enjoy the tactile sensation they get with these toys. Moreover, there are kids that enjoy toys for the pleasure of solving them unmindful of how these things look. Also, there are children that like both the color in particular, together with the challenges these toys present. It is up to the parents now to identify the case of their children.

An alternative to consider is treating weaknesses and strengths distinct from other factors, hence striking with different approaches. Is it to develop the strengths and uphold the idea of mastering the field a child is good at? Is it to fill in the child's weak points? Or is it by striking a balance between both the strengths and the weakness? The last option is the most difficult thing to do since we are dealing with toddlers here, who at most of the times would opt for their desired toys disregarding those aimed develop their weaknesses, yet not enjoyable enough to play with.

Whichever options you want to take for your children, it should top your priority that these toys for kids are appropriate for them. Giving them exactly what they need and not forcing them to gadgets which you think will suite them better regardless of how they feel towards these things.