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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Wireless Internet

For the next 2 months my colleague in UK will be very busy,  he would have to travel around to give trainings for new workers in many branches in the UK. There are many things that he told me that he needed to prepare for one month of practically non-stop traveling and one of them is how to get an Internet connection if he is always in the car taking a long road journey. So far, he told me if he wants to browse on the Internet, he would use it in the office and enjoy Wi-Fi hotspot service near his home. After asking some tips from his in-laws, he found something  that is worth a try which is mobile broadband from mobile.broadbandgenie.co.uk. This site could be the best solution for people who often travel and take a long car or train journey like my colleague. With their broadband tools, one can access the Internet all over the UK to read e-mails, do business, download and many others. What you have to do is very simple with it, just sign up in this service provider to get your mobile broadband. They will send you a USB modem or dongle, the dongle is then plugged into your laptop or PC and you are ready to browse in the Internet any time and anywhere you want. Looks like I will be using this service once it's my turn to be the trainer.


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