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Friday, January 30, 2009

Great Activites I

Activities to entertain a family can be expensive, but spending quality time together does not have to cost anyone anything, except for their time. In fact, activities for a family don't have to cost a penny, and they can be enjoyed all year long when you use a little bit of imagination and a few supplies found right around the house. Here's something that perhaps you can try anytime of year.


Everyone is craving to get outside after a long winter, and some of the best free activities can be enjoyed in the great outdoors, and they include:

bicycling, hiking on trails, rock collecting, building a club house from scrap wood found on walks through the woods, sight seeing at local points of interest, wildlife tours through wooded areas, quality time in the kitchen, and an indoor or outdoor scavenger hunt using items from around the house.


This is the time of year that picnics and barbecuing are at an all time high, so why not let the kids join in on the preparations? Summer activities are endless and some of the best ones are:

Pitching a tent in your backyard, complete with spooky or even funny stories, melt some marshmallows or hotdogs over the bbq, play flashlight tag, swim in a local creek or (unsuspected but friendly neighbors pool), local pond or river, hide n seek, make a raft from scrap wood found on walks in a wooded area, picnics by a stream, bird watching, wildlife watching, and activities with younger kids can be enjoyed by using your sidewalk to draw four square or hopscotch games with chalk.

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