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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Time to be STOKED!

Wakeboarding is an up and coming sport is what I hear these days. I do know it has become so extremely popular. Wakeboarding is a water sport, entailing the riding of a wakeboard over the surface of water behind a boat. It's much like water skiing, and much like snowboarding. Actually, wakeboarding evolved from the techniques used by both of those sports. Wakeboarding uses a specialized board similar to snowboards (something I have tried). Wakeboarding is incredibly popular. As for me, I wouldn't mind trying it; however, it would be the stopping and starting of the activity that would probably be my undoing.

Wakeboarding initially came onto the scene during the perilous 1970's- the same dangerous era that brought us afros, polyester pantsuits, and Michael Jackson. Back then, riders surfed on long wooden boards behind speeding boats. Today, technology has caught up, and places like Wakenskate.com offer streamlined, specialized, and highly customizable boards. Popular choices in wakeboarding and wakeskating gear are CWB, Liquid Force, and Hyperlite. Boards traditionally were constructed of fiberglass or plywood but many now have a honeycombed interior with fiberglass reinforcing. It's good for stability and helps increase the life of the board.

Wakeskates are another tool for wakeboarding, to really get the adrenaline going. Where wakeboards have straps to secure the feet to the board, wakeskates do not. It sure makes for some wild riding. Wooohooo!... If you're looking for some great videos on wakeboarding, see http://www.wakenskate.com/team-wake-n-skate/wake-n-skate-team-videos.html.

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