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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Spending Time

In this time period of psychiatrists, psychologists, and therapy, most mental problems allegedly stem from family problems. These are mostly dads that are too busy working or doing other things that keep them from spending family time. This post are for these dads that are way too busy to spend time with their sons. My dad has
always spent some great quality time with me. First of all, take up a new hobby. Make sure your son is interested first. My dad is a dentist. He owns his own business, and therefore has a lot of cool equipments. I was always interested in the sounds that these equipments could make and watching him drill cavities of some of my old neighborhood nemesis was very satisfying to say the least. We later worked on dog kennels and shelves together, and built some other pretty cool stuff too. He actually carved out a yo yo that was the size of a Whataburger Whopper! This was always a lot of fun to do, and we spent some great time together. The memories created was great.
Fishing is also a national hobby. My greatest memories are built around my granddad, my dad, and me sitting on a dock waiting for the perfect bite. This is one of the best ways to bond. Teach your son how to fish, or even better, let your dad teach him. This will offer bonding not only between you and your son, but your dad and your son too. This is also something that is great for a child. Also, it's a pretty easy sport to take up. Just get a rod and a lure, and figure out the technique, and you'll be fishing before you know it.

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