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Saturday, January 10, 2009

A single Dad

I have been a single dad for the past 8 days since my wife is away to care for her sick father in Asia. I have to say, it's an eventful filled day as every task hits you like the ocean waves and some feels like it's a Tsunami. Adjusting to life as a single father can be incredibly difficult. My hats really goes off to all the single parents in the world. Fatherhood is your most important job, but you can't ignore what's going on inside of you as you make these adjustments. First of all it is normal to be afraid. It's normal to feel alone. Your responsibilities regarding your children just doubled and that can be paralyzing. For the good of everyone involved here are a few tips to getting used to being a single dad. You need to assess how you feel. If you are a little scared or down that is normal. If you are too anxious to complete everyday tasks or too depressed to get out of bed, go find a professional to speak with. Fortunately most of us do not require clinical intervention although by the time I hit my seventh day as a single dad, I was dying for some adult conversation. You need to take a self inventory to fully assess the situation. Write down what you are worried about. include everything from finances to who will pick up your child from school if they are ill and you are at work. Now go through the list line by line. Answer every question you can have. For instance if you have a sister who can pick up your child then you can call her, make sure she can, and then answer it on your list. After you have answered all the questions make another list with the questions that are left.

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