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Saturday, January 10, 2009


Well as you know, since my wife is away and what am I suppose to do with the little free time that I have after my son goes to bed at night. It's time for video games! One my favorite video games or computer games of all time is Simcity. Simcity gives you the ability to play God, creating cities and eventually a society. It has it's own Eco and economic system. Although I could spend all day on the computer building and playing, nowadays I can perhaps spend about 20 to 30 minutes on it which is great for games like Simcity since I could leave it on and come back to tinker with a few buildings or raise a few taxes the next day. Another great news is that, you can even play this game on the Iphone now. This latest version of Will Wright's classic city-building title is priced at $10 and takes full advantage of the iPhone's touch-sensitive screen. I'm a bit too busy to spend a few hours testing the thing right at the moment, but, assuming the App Store description and screen shots are accurate, the iPhone port seems to retain all the widely beloved features of its PC predecessors. I also came across a great video game reviews site.  You can find lots of reviews on games such as Grand Theft Auto and resources relating to Wii or Xbox products.

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