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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Playing Superheroes

My five-and half year old son lives for superheroes. His favorites are Batman, Spiderman and Superman, although he's certainly fond of Flash, Green Lantern, Aquaman and several more whose names I don't recognize from my own superhero days. I like that he gets so much enjoyment from them. He loves the attention
he gets when we go out and he's wearing one of his costumes. Oh, to be five again! But as fun as he can be, it's not easy to be the parent of a superhero. One of his favorite things to do is come up and say, "I'll be Batman, you be Spiderman or Superman. What would spiderman do or say ?" This was fun the first 1,000 times he did it, but it becomes a bit of a chore to come up with new things for the characters of Spiderman to say to Batman. To make things worse, my son is really in to the characters themselves and would want me to dress like superman. He would bring me my red underwear and ask me to wear it. :P Oh gee...good thing we don't do these pretend plays in public.

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