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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Old School Style

I like their Toddler clothing story; Television just isn't what it used to be. Kids today are bombarded with educational programs like Dora the Explorer and Baby Einstein. What ever happened to good ol' cops and robber shows and mindless cartoons? theRetrobaby.com provides the perfect visual aids to use when torturing your children with the "Well back when I was a kid" stories.
If you want your baby to be all things retro, then this is the website for you. This website sells onesies and t-shirt for babies and toddlers in a variety of different retro themes. Check out the baby rompers section Even though they are retro, they are definitely trendy and hip. From rock t-shirts to old superheroes, you can find just about everything that you grew up with at this website. Some of the best sellers on this website are the Beatles t-shirt, the Superman shirt, the Wonder Woman shirt and of course The Rolling Stones shirt. There are hundreds of different trendy and cute shirts that you can choose from for your baby. You could spend hours looking at all the retro shirts and remembering your childhood.
For hip little ones who miss the seventies, you simply can't go wrong here at The Retro Baby. From Dr. Seuss to ninjas to Willie Nelson onesies, these are designs you're unlikely to find anywhere else. The baby clothes at The Retro Baby are some of the funniest you can find, and aren't repeated by dozens of other stores. Their "My Confucius Baby" line features onesies with inspiring, age-old axioms such as "A Baby Brings many sleepless nights but many more smiles." Awww. That could be a good reminder for the first few weeks or months. Simply too cute, and too cool

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