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Wednesday, January 7, 2009


As we move deeper into our financial adjustment period known as a recession, the word that is on the tip of every state's tongue is Bailout. State Bailout is becoming the chant heard around the country. There's just not enough money to keep state government operating in a positive cash flow mode and keep all the state funded programs running as they have been budgeted to function. It seems we collectively have the notion that the way we have been doing business is going to continue expanding endlessly, even though our thoughts about it are rooted in fear. Money and the lack or abundance of it, takes precedence over everything else, and in a time of lack we turn to the federal government to bail us out of our own sinking ship.


The issue is not whether the state bailout is right or wrong, it's just a wakeup call. The message that is being broadcast from the need for a bailout is that reality is changing. Antiquated thoughts about the systems we established are being tossed in a pile marked not acceptable and should be re-thought using the tools we innately carry with us at all times; the simple tools of honestly, compassion and truth. Health care, education, human services and the plethora of other services provided by state funding no longer serve the good of the people who pay for them. The foundation of our economy is shifting and we are the ones who are instigating the shift and developing a new foundation. Confidence in state and the federal government in general has been buried in the rubble of greed and selfishness. The call for a state bailout is a drowning system crying for a lifejacket when the water is less than a foot deep. Every state has a built-in system to create a bailout and it's called the confidence of the people.


Confidence is the off spring off example. A good state government should be concerned with sufficient food, shelter and the confidence of the people. The elected officials can be the catalyst for a state bailout by governing with honesty, compassion and truth. When those moral characteristics are practiced, abundance follows. Confidence is not something demanded but must be allowed to grow spontaneously. Confidence creates prosperity, which is the natural way to implement a state bailout.


The real issue is not just a state bailout; it reaches the federal level as well. We all looked to the federal government to bailout us out of this self-created mess, but government in all forms needs a bailout. The bailout solution is to lead the people by governing with honesty, compassion and truth. Confidence will be the product and prosperity will follow. That is the real message that is echoing off the walls of our democracy. The state bailout is just one piece of a bigger pie that is being cut up and distributed nationwide so everyone can taste it and choose their homemade pie of honesty, compassion and truth and experience the sweetness of abundance. That's how we began this journey and that's the confident way to live it.


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