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Tuesday, January 13, 2009


The relationship between father and son cannot be perfectly explained. This is so because in every couple's matrimonial home, especially in Asia and other parts of the world, the husband will want to have a son so that the son can carry his father's name, since a daughter will get married and carry the name of another man. This relationship cannot be perfectly explained by any human words as if it is like a rope that ties the father and the son together to the extent that the father can lay down his life for his son. It is indescribable; it is something that I bet even scientists, intelligent men cannot explain. Off all the riches and the magnificent things on this earth, this relationship is the best of all. By nature, father and son are two compatible partners, separating them is like separating identical twins which will mean trouble.
This relationship between father and son start from the birth of the son. Also, the birth of the son brings joy there by making for a long lasting relation till death breaks the relationship.Since this relationship involves with love many fathers view it in different ways. For instance, when a father gives his son money, according to him he is showing love to the son.
Conclusively, the son will grow in his father's behavior and appearance. As a result, the father will train up the son to be come a good person so that he will carry a good name from generation to generation. This is why, the line of communication between father and son must be open. I have enjoyed playing single dad to my son since my wife is away for a few weeks. It will come to end this sunday as she will be back but these few weeks have taught me a great deal about fatherhood and mostly about myself.

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