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Monday, January 12, 2009

Brand New Ballgame

In the morning, before I leave the bathroom after preparing for work, I lay out the toothbrushes with toothpaste applied. I lay out the comb and dry towels. After I leave my son knows it's his turn. I usually have to remind him but he knows what to do and everything is ready. He is responsible for rinsing out toothbrushes and wiping down the counter when he is done. He combs his hair, (usually with a little help from me), choose the outfit for the day, put his lunches(Yes LUNCHES) in his backpack, put on his shoes and coats and wait by the door and we are off! I never goes that smoothly, but with all the details planned and prepared it sure seems perfect to me! Three out of five days go off without a hitch! That ain't bad odds when you think about all that can go wrong. Last but not least, lots of hugs and kisses good bye, some cheerful joking around, quick thanksgiving prayers in the car and laughing top off a good morning and send you both off into the day with positive thoughts and energy. That was earlier today..Tomorrow might be a brand new ball game!

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