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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The 3.00am Call

I am still digesting my thoughts as I witness through the webcam. Hordes of family members gathering around as if it's a festive holiday but I am afraid this is a somber one. Grandpa in Hong Kong wanted to see his grandson 3000 miles away perhaps for the last time and thanks to modern technology, they were able to overcome the 3000 miles distance. They could not touch or hug but certainly they can see and greet one another. They can hear the sweet words of "I love you grandpa" being uttered across the bandwidth. There are no real good byes but this certainly felt like one and everybody seems to know it even our little 5 year old boy as he too felt the urge to hold on to daddy tightly. He may not fully understand where his grandpa will be going but he knows it's a place call Heaven and as he pointed upward. He even said, he would visit Heaven and to play with his grandpa.

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