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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

True Friend

In this world, no one can live like an island, everyone of us need a friend and someone to be with. Life is so meaningless if we don't have  friends. But today's reality, a True Friend is very hard to find, most of them is only what we call so-called friend. They said, in a hundred only one is true, and if you have them, you better keep them because they are rare treasure. I know a lot of us have different experiences about having a bad company or been betrayed for whom they thought a true friend, and that's why most of us quit on associating with others and trusting them, because of our bad past experienced. But we have to put in our mind, that the truth of individual is not a truth for general, so if you happen to meet someone again thats really good and worth trusting for, why not give them a chance? It's not mean we're going to be close to them that quick, but we have to open our heart because sometimes we may be busy collecting gold and we forget about the rare diamonds that hang around the corner. Just like a friend, since we don't know who's really a friend indeed and a friend that who will will always there in times of troubles, we need to open our heart to everybody that might come along because one of them might be the rare diamond!
And I'm including here a saying and cute pictures about friendship, I just hope by this saying, you would still believe that somewhere along the road, their is still a lot of them that worth to be called a True Friend!

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