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Friday, February 13, 2009


The world is full of flowers. Visit any place dedicated to flowers and
you will be amazed at the types of flowers, and facts about them.
Flowers come in all shapes, and colors. Some of them can intoxicate you with their lovely perfume. Some are so delicate
that one fears touching them. And all of them are stunningly beautiful.
still, it is the Rose which is preferred around the world as a flower
of choice on the Valentine's day? I wonder about this. And though I
have not tried to search for the reasons, here is my own theory on why
it is so. One another fact struck me. We can get Roses in many colors
but still it the dark red that is preferred as the flower of love. Why?

us first think about the color choice. I think that dark red must be
the preferred color as it looks like red. And every true lover is ready
to shed his/her blood for the beloved. Also love is associated with the
heart, and heart pumps blood. So red signifies love. Colors have their
own significance, looking at any white color, the first thought is of
purity. Same way red means love.

Now let us examine our central
theme. Why Rose? A Rose has thorns. But the thorns are below the Rose.
The Rose represents life beautifully. It has very soft petals, that
tell us about the soft side of living and thorns to convey that life is
not all the bed of Roses without thorns. What does a lover do? A true
lover will always take the thorns and give only the soft flowers to
his/her darling. That is love and love demands that one give only
comfort to one's darling. Love demands sacrifice. Love demands giving
of joy. Love demands that all pain be kept away from the beloved. That
is also the message a lover sends across to his/her beloved with a
Rose. I have kept the thorns with myself and I am sending you these
soft flowers . I think this is the reason why on Valentine's day, the
deep red Rose is the flower of choice - it is the flower of love and

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suZen said...

Great blog - love the top picture! Wish I knew how to do that. Also nice flower piece - I think we all did something about flowers. I signed up to follow you, hope you'll drop by my place as well!