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Tuesday, February 3, 2009


No matter how old are you, you always have that need of eating candies. Looking for a page with a good distribution system that can fullfill your needs?. Well, here is your answer, Candy Direct is the oldest Internet candy distributor on the web today.

It was in this highly-charged state I found myself when I decided to explore some of the links after I search keyword "Candy" on google. Ten minutes later, my candydirect.com order had been placed and soon enough I will be flooded with Candy Bars. Ten days later, I found myself the proud owner of a case 24 Boyer Smoothie Cups (a peanut butter cup with butterscotch coating, not chocolate, also weird but successful), Milky Way Candy Bar and 24 Abba Zabas (the clear winner of the bunch, a slab of white taffy filled with a peanut filling that has to be tried to be believed). If candydirect.com had not been out of caramel chocolate bars, I would have had 96 candy bars under my desk. No, I am not an unrepentant glutton; I am just stuck in a world where if you want to cultivate the offbeat and quirky and sweet, you might just have to buy it in quantity.

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