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Monday, February 16, 2009


Kids say some of the funniest things, especially preschoolers, and they say things in all seriousness that we as adults find hysterically funny - and sometimes terribly embarrassing. I have a preschooler, and some of the things he has said were very embarrassing but funny at the same time. If you want to know the truth on just about
any subject, just ask preschoolers for their opinion. Chances are you'll find out that preschoolers innocently say some really funny things, and they do it with complete honesty and sincerity. Here is a story from one of my retired colleague. About two years ago he adopted a child from China and here is his story.

The Little Shi-Tzu

While waiting in the hall outside of the kindergarten room, I nervously waited for my little boy to complete a series of questions asked by the kindergarten teacher. The questions were to determine his readiness for kindergarten, and although I was confident he would pass with flying colors, a parent can never be sure what their child will say when asked innocent questions. Anyone who is a parent knows what I'm talking about. You hope that your child won't divulge personal information or say something embarrassing during the course of questioning.

As I stood in the hall I listened intently to hear the questions and answers. I hoped my child would have the answers that would show he was ready to begin kindergarten in the fall. My shy little boy was unusually talkative that day, and he was adding much more to the conversation than simple answers to the direct questions asked by the teacher. When my little boy told the teacher that Panda knocked coloring books and drawings down from the refrigerator, the teacher became curious. She began asking questions since Panda is an unusual name for any pet.
The teacher asked my little girl if Panda was a dog. He said, "No, Panda is our cat, but we have a dog. He is a Shi-Tzu." My son unnaturally drew out the word Shi-Tzu, and I breathed a sigh of relief when he finished - until his next comment. He then informed the teacher that he s**t all over the house! I felt my face turning hot and red, and I felt like crawling beneath the chair I should have been sitting on. All I could do was blurt out, arrggg! I was mortified. He said it in all seriousness, and although I thought it was funny, it was really embarrassing! I couldn't stop chuckling to myself, but at the same time I felt like running away. How could I face the teacher when the interview was over?

The teacher was smiling when I entered the room after the interview, and he must have been able to tell that I was very embarrassed. I told her she could probably write a book on the funny things preschoolers say, but he went on with the discussion as if nothing had happened. She's probably heard much worse, but because it was my child, the situation seemed really awkward to me. Now I can sit back and laugh about it!


Kiki said...

Aw! Hahahah I had a Shi-Tzu that S**t all over the house when ever there was a thunder storm. Hehehe and one day I hope I'm lucky enough to have a child who divulges all kinds of embarrassing secrets that I can secretly laugh over. There's nothing I want more.

suZen said...

Cute! My son's 1st grade teacher told me she had an agreement for parents. We were not to believe 50% of what the kids told us happened in school and she wouldn't believe 50% of what the kids told her happened at school. The 50% of what was left (on either end of stories) was silly enough!