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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

We Wii Part 1

What's  in the Nintendo Wii Fit Starter Bundle?
Our neighbor friend placed an order online and received the Wii Fit Starter Bundle in the mail three days later. He told me he couldn't contain my excitement while opening the package. The package included the long-awaited Wii Fit game and Balance Board. He already gotten his Wii game console earlier this year along with all the necessary accessories such as the Wii remotes and nunchuck, so he was ready to start playing Wii Fit right away.

Exercises included in the Wii Fit Starter Bundle -
There are over 40 different types of training activities offered by Wii Fit, including traditional exercises such as step aerobics, jogging, as well as modern stress busters such as Yoga and meditation. You can also choose  other fund exercises such as Hula Hoops, Snowboarding and rhythm boxing. The exercises offered by Wii Fit are so diverse that every member of your family will find their favorite ones no matter how old or physically active they are.

The pressure-sensitive balance board that comes with the Wii Fit Starter Bundle can hold up to a maximum of 300 pounds. Since quite a few of the Wii Fit games are based on player's balance of her body, this is where the balance board comes in. Similar to a step aerobics board in appearance, the Wii Fit Balance Board can also measure player's performance as well as weight, which alongside the height, age and gender determine the player's Body Mass Index (BMI). 

Workout experience with Wii Fit Starter Bundle
He set up his Wii Fit system as soon as he got the bundle. Firstly, he told me he entered basic personal data such as height, age and gender as instructed by wii console. The machine calculated BMI and the fitness level shortly. After a profile creation was complete, he was ready to start getting a taste of Wii Fit.

I think Wii is one of the best inventions. It combine fun and family activities together.

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