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Monday, February 9, 2009

Leads anybody?

Every dynamic businessman looks forward to develop his or her business. Now there is a better way for doing it. Running a business is not that easy. With a new technology called as ICBM or otherwise called as Instant Call Back Manager, your customer will be called within 7 seconds, then pre-qualified and then transferred to your sales agent. Thus, if you buying the lead, then you can have the lead flow through this system first. You will be getting customers quicker than anybody else. You will be getting customers around 2 to 24 hours earlier than others.In business,one needs to be sure that one is getting the right kind of customers and also that too proper ones. One needs to also ensure that the customer requirements are properly met and also the customers have the necessary qualification. You can visit their web site f9group.com.You can know about the F9 Group, Inc. which aids in this. The site gives insight about a free marketing plan. Also there are hot lead transfers. F9Group excels in Direct Response Marketing, call centers, store locator services, voice broadcasting, live google map design, business dashboards,transcription,predictive dialers,television,direct mail,search engine marketing,customn software, marketing analytics, marketing reports, airtime purchasing etc.

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