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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Thank God for Sundays

Thank God for Sundays. A day for reflection. Life is moving as I feel it in different speeds. When we were kids the seasons were so long. The holidays were extreme long. The snow was deep and high. Our summers were very hot. In the early teenage time seemed to speed up little more. Do you remember your older relatives always made comments like Gosh how big you are now and oh what time is running away. Now you can relate to those comments. So what can we do? Is it always like this? I think when you are busy and you are happy time is moving faster. When you are sad, unhappy and do not have things to do time seems to stand still. What is the advice then? Time is always moving so we can not do anything about that. It is the way we see it or interpret it. Lucky us we can not do anything to change the time so it has to be ourselves. Take the Sunday to reflect on how you use the time. Is it important to do that? Well it is all up to you.

For me I like to take the time to do it on Sundays. As the bible say to rest on the seventh day. I prefer to take the rest on Sundays. You can choose which day you like most. Maybe you are working on Sundays and prefer another day and that's fine. It seems to be a set time we are on this planet. What we do of it is very personal. Some people just live the days as it come others like to plan every detail of it. If you do plan it think again of what you are planning. What is important in your life today? Is it the same as it was years ago? So now when you plan what is it you are aiming for? Maybe it is the brand new car or a great holiday? Or is it a long life plan for the family? Can we enjoy life more without planning? If we would let go of the watch who would tell us about the time? Try that every now and then. Let go of time. Enjoy the moments that comes by. Look at the nature. How is the nature created by the time? Watch the animals they do not have a clue what time it is. When I am at my evening walks I notice that the gees walks in different ways as I approach them and another direction as 1, 5 hours walk I meet them again. They have their night snacks along the path. The sunrise is also in a different look. The colours are different and the air is thicker in the evening and thinner in the morning. Flowers and the grass smell different depending on the time. Be out there taking a smell and watch the nature. That is what I mean by thank God is Sunday.

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