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Monday, February 9, 2009

Secure and Lock

Theres much buzz about using paper shredders to protect your identity, but ever stop to think what you're shredding? Whats stopping the average Joe the plumber from walking by your unlocked mailbox, grabbing credit card offers, blank checks & stealing your mail along with your identity. What good is a paper shredder without a locking mailbox? This site here about locking mailbox is spot on! 

Once again, it is in every citizens best interest to stay on top of what they expect to be receiving by mail and why. Any fraudulent activity could come back down on your head if you are not quick to recognize and report it. This is why an early alert system can be of such great use - you need to know if someone is using your personal information.

Invest in a locking mailbox if you live in an area where your mail could be vulnerable, and be vigilant! No-one should put anything in your mailbox except for the US postal service. Mail fraud carries heavy penalties, so if you suspect your mailbox may be under attack, you should take steps to protect your identity.

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