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Friday, February 6, 2009

Rainy Saturday

If you have a rainy Saturday like we are about to have, a fun thing to do is to have a movie marathon. Movie marathons became popular when the VCR was sold for the general public, now that people could watch movies of their choice at whatever time they wanted to. Now people could have the movie theater in their own homes. Entertainment systems have become so sophisticated now, with surround sound and HDTV and the rest of it. No matter what type of entertainment system you have, a movie marathon is an excellent way to enjoy yourself and to entertain your friends and family. Here are some ideas to plan a terrific movie marathon. Select a theme. Sometimes it is just fun to watch several movies in a row, but a great movie marathon has a theme. There are all types of themes that you can select from. You can watch two or three movies that have Paul Newman in them, or another actor. You can watch two or three chick flicks or sci fi films. You can also get creative and watch several movies that came out during the same year. Or you can even watch Oscar winning films as your theme. OR OR or...if you are really adventurous, select foreign Kung Fu film series! There are many themes to select from, and it can be lots of fun selecting what your theme will be. If you are hosting a movie marathon for your friends and family, consider what theme will appeal to them as well and think about asking them which movies they would like to watch, or ask for their input in selecting the theme itself. If you are hosting a movie marathon for yourself, then you only need to think about what movies you would like to watch. Another fun thing to do with friends is to alternate with one person selecting the theme, another person selecting the movies and someone else bringing the snacks. Everybody takes turns.
Sustenance. No movie marathon would be complete without snacks. Snacks don't have to be just an overflowing amount of junk food. Popcorn is a movie theater tradition and can actually be a healthy snack if you forgo the butter. Trailmix can be a great snack. The key to snacks is something that people can pick up with their hands and eat quietly so they do not disturb the movie. Also something that does not spill or drip, if you are at all concerned with your furniture or rugs. A great idea can be to serve a variety of snacks for your movie marathon.

A movie quiz. This can be fun to do. Hand out a movie trivia quiz to your friends and see how they do. This is often easier to concoct when you are watching a classic movie, or a movie that you have already seen. There are a number of movie review websites that can help you create your trivia quiz. This is fun if you are watching a movie that you have all enjoyed before and is a "fan" type of movie such as Star Wars or Gone With The Wind. Consider having a prize for the winner, it can even be a silly prize. The sillier the better.

A movie marathon can be lots of fun and is a relaxing way to spend a rainy Saturday afternoon. Why not watch some of your favorites today?

1 comment:

Evita said...

Great ideas! And what I recommend too are educational/documentary films. I know many may grimace at the first thought of that, BUT today there are so many fantastic and actually really fun movies about health and life that the whole family can learn something from. Thus entertaining, while educational!

Agree with the healthy snacks too - the days of processed junk food should be coming to an end for anyone who is serious about their own and their family's health :)