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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Bully Part 2

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3. Loneliness and not eager to join in with other children, its a good idea to get your child involved with as many out of school activities as possble, it can aleviate the problem of socializing with children of the same age and is a good way for your child to mix with adults too.When your child attends these regular and is happy with lots of friends and suddenly doesnt want to join in it can often mean bullying is taking place wether at school or even at the activity class.

4.Your child can bully a younger member of the family in retaliation against the bullies. Because the younger child is smaller and younger he/she may not be able to hold your son or daughter off if fighting occurs. Your older child will feel poweful and in control where usually the bullies strip this from him/her when bulling happens frequently to your child.

5.Bedwetting, soling of pants, another tell tale sign that something is wrong.(please note)Children can go through a bedwetting stage around 7so if it is bullying other signs have started to develop such as nightmares, fear of the bullies when you go down the street, thay may make excuses to go another way round to avoid them.

we hope you never have to come across your child dealing with bulling.

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