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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Email Marketing

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Email marketing is an excellent way to promote your business these days, because most everyone uses the internet and has an email address. Email marketing is slowly become more popular than post office marketing and with good reason. Email marketing is probably one of the easiest ways to market your business. Here is how you can get started.

CUSTOMER SURVEYS: Make up a small customer survey for your business. On the survey ask the customers a few questions about their service and also make a place for them to provide an e-mail address at the bottom. Put some sort of incentive for the customer to provide their email address, like a free service from your company. You can offer something small, just offer something. This is one way to get your customer's e-mail addresses.

OFFER INCENTIVES TO PROVIDE OTHER EMAIL ADDRESSES: Give your customers some sort of free service or gift for providing you with another person's email address. Customers like to get free gifts and services, so you can get many email account addresses from this.

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START SEND FLYERS AND NEWSLETTERS: Once you have collected a variety of email addresses you can start sending out a monthly newsletter to your customers, this will get them to think about your business more often and even visit your website more often. You could put fun info and updates about the company in your monthly newsletter. Send flyers once a week telling about specials or deals that your company is offering.

PROTECT YOUR COMPANY: When you send your e-mail flyers to the e-mail addresses that you have collected, make sure that you put a statement at the bottom saying that the e-mail is not spam and you have been given this e-mail address and if there is an error they can contact so and so. Give an e-mail address where they can notify someone if they no longer wish to receive emails from your company. This is common sense to cover your company from getting framed for spamming. Check into it for the details to see if there are any further steps that you need to make to be sure that your company will not get in trouble for spamming or soliciting.

Use common sense when emailing customers. Remember that it a copy that they can keep in their possession, so do not send rude or vulgar emails. Use it for your company's advantage. Use it to advertisenew and exciting things that are happening with your business. Make these look appealing for potential customers as well.

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