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Wednesday, February 4, 2009


For our single friends, Valentine is approaching and having dinner by yourself could be a hard thing to do. Online dating as a concept has gained tremendous popularity throughout the world and the number of people who find the loves of their lives is growing exponentially by the day. There are several online dating sites, each one unique in its area of expertise. There are some sites that have very comprehensive databases, some that have very good user interfaces etc., A single colleague of mine came across this very interesting site that combines the power of many of these dating websites. The Dating Directory  that he is talking about has a comprehensive listing of several dating sites and helps users choose from several alternatives, understand these sites, their requirements and choose one that suits the user's requirements best. the dating directory and found the site had a very comprehensive listing of dating sites and it made his job of selecting the one most appropriate very easy. He was also very impressed with the user interface and has recommended the site to a lot of other people.

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