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Monday, February 2, 2009


Many Asians live in the United States. Many have lived there for quite some time and they have so many things to share. My friend Mr J was talking about buying a house the other day. He is in the IT profession and have been one for the past two years already. He told me he has lived in two different houses, bought them and sold them simultaneously. I asked him how that is possible and he said he sells direct or sometimes to the bank and the bank sells the houses and earns from it. He said many are doing that as that has been the trend there. It is said to be more practical that way.

So I got curious...Mr. Google to the rescue, lol...Now here's what I found, and here I will sound like I am selling, ahahahaha... if you live near the San Diego area, or if you are a home buyer who is looking to buy a low cost bank owned, home foreclosure in San Diego County, California then the site I have discovered is for you. As you can see, new San Diego Bank Homes are readily available to purchase. If you wish to know more please visit www.sdbankhomes.richardelias.com and check them out.

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