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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Bad Economy - Online alternative

Do you have a really cool hobby that you want to tell the world about and share your ideas? Maybe you want to promote a new product that you've found. Maybe you want to just advertise your business. So what do you do?
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You most likely need a website. There are lots of web hosting providers out there so this article is going to focus on one thing... Inexpensive Web Hosting Providers. To have a website, you have to have it "hosted" somewhere. It has to sit on a physical server somewhere in the world that is attached to the internet so people can find your website. There are tons of "hosting providers" out there at all price ranges. The more you pay, the better the quality of service in most cases but I have been using a lot of low cost and "free" hosting providers which have been working out for me and also saves me a quite a bit of money.

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If you have a really mission critical web application or website, then you must pay a premium price for your hosting because you are going to want to make sure your site never goes down. You really don't have way around this. You will probably want to use what is called a "virtual server" or even dedicated server hosting which is not cheap by any means.

If you have up an affiliate page or a simple hobby site, you may not need that much reliablility. I'm not saying the cheaper shared hosting is bad, it just may go down from time to time and make your page unavailable. They usually have a higher customer per server ratio. These are also whats called "shared" servers so all it takes is one idiot to start taking all the server resources and your site goes down for a few minutes occasionally. That's normally not a problem for most webpages and websites. So, cheap hosting is a way to go for a lot of you. Most of the low cost companies also provide the same features as the "big boys".

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If you are really strapped for cash, there are free hosts that I've had very good success with. Most may put advertisements on your site but there are a couple that don't do not put any ads on your system like most of the free hosts do. One I use is 000WebHost. You can setup as many sites as you need for no cost at all and even have your own domain name (yourdomainname.com). If you really need free hosting, this is one I reccomend due to it's features.

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If you can spend a little bit of money (very small amount.. under $10 a month), you can get really inexpensive hosting at JustHost, LunarPages, Godaddy and Yahoo. You can find more out there but these are just the lower cost shared webhosts I have experience with. I can tell you other shared hosts that are more expensive that I use also like WebMasters.com but that is not what this article is about so we'll keep it to free and in-expensive. I must mention though that even the more expensive "shared" hosts go down once in a while.

All of the websites I mentioned will do what you need and have the features of the big sites like unlimited space and "bandwidth"... the amount of traffic you can have. I never have had a problem setting websites on any of these hosts.

All-in-all, if you need hosting for your webpage, free is the way to go unless you need to make sure the site never ever goes down. To make sure the site never goes down and is bullet proof, your going to really have to pay a premium for that. There's no way around it. It's more like paying insurance but if you are just getting started or need something quick, free or cheap hosting is the way to go.

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