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Thursday, February 12, 2009

A small boy's Valentine

Valentine's Day is usually considered a romantic holiday for couples, but most people have fond memories of February 14, while they were children. At school, kids love to wear red and hand out the valentines
they put together for friends. Our son of five year old is so worried that he's not going to get a Valentine from his classmates but the best part is always receiving valentines and candy in return! But what about the younger toddlers and preschoolers who don't yet attend classes? Here are five fun and creative activities you can do with your youngsters on Valentine's Day. (Great Valentine Gift Ideas)

1) Bake cupcakes. Who doesn't love eating a cupcake? Even one will not do any lasting damage to a diet. Cupcakes can be fun to put together too. Toddlers are great helpers; they can stir the mix and place the paper cups in the baking sheet. Preschoolers can help measure and pour the different ingredients into the mixing bowl. Everyone can decorate together, but icing and sprinkles do easily make their way to the floor, so make sure to put a sheet or some newspapers down first. If you would rather not keep all the yummy cupcakes for your family, they would be well received at an assisted living center, a fire or police station or just some neighbors down the street.

2) Decorate wall hearts. You can cut out some large construction paper hearts for your child to decorate. Markers, paints, stickers, ribbons, doilies, and candies can make great additions to wall hearts. Both toddlers and preschoolers will need some help with the glue to attach pretty things to their hearts. Afterwards, you can hang them around the house to create a Valentine atmosphere in your home without spending a fortune.

3) Make your own Valentine Day T-shirts. Plain white T-shirts and shirt paints are cheap and easy to find in stores. If you buy a pack of T-shirts, you can save some and decorate one for every holiday. The smaller kids love to make handprints in different colors all over the shirts and take great pride in showing off their creation. For Valentine's Day, pink and red handprints look great in a heart shape pattern.
4) Create your own Valentine's Day cards for mommy or daddy. If you fold the paper and guide them along, both toddlers and pre-schoolers enjoy making parents something personal. You may have to do some of the writing yourself, if it is what wish for on the card, but drawing pictures is your best bet. Go ahead and make one for Grandma and Grandpa too, then make a special Valentine's Day run to the post office and let your youngster put the letters in the mail themselves. Later, help them prepare to surprise mommy or daddy with the card when they return from work.

5) Crown your toddler or preschooler as Valentine Prince (King) or Princess (Queen) for a day. Little kids will use any excuse to dress up like mom and dad and will have a blast if you play along with it too. Let them pick out what they would like to wear for the day and then fashion a crown or hat to match. Don't forget to call them by their Royal name throughout the day and for extra fun, take a trip to the mall so they can show off their regal wear.

Any of these ideas would have a toddler or preschooler laughing with delight over Valentine's Day! Before you know it, your children will want to know when the next Valentine's holiday will be.

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