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Monday, April 30, 2007

Inseparable OG

(New Readers - This is the Final part of a 4 part series/CLICK on Label OG's)
Echoing throughout the last three parts of the OG stories was a recuring theme of just how attached my son is to the OG's and especially BB-OG. A true story happened last December. On an ordinary Friday evening shortly after dinner, my little boy complained of a stomach-ache. Normally, it would be a minor thing for any outgoing and monkey-like little boy. However in my little boy's case, this ache did take exceptions. We called his doctor for precaution due to his recent medical history of kidney ailments. Long story short, our doctor didn't take this ache lightly and ordered us to take him to the emergency room. This transpired into a series of events escalating to a point that my son was admitted to the ICU after several days of deterioration. His condition was worsening further, and a week before Christmas, his fragile little body was plugged up with tubes. As a three-year rookie father, this was really hard to swallow. My little guy was going through the utmost physical test in his short three years of life. He couldn't drink water due to our doctor's order even though he begged for anything liquid (including his favorite Chinese homemade soups) for almost two days under a severe water retention period. His body was swollen up with more than 10+ pounds literally in a matter of days due to kidney failure. Hopeful words from the doctors were that his condition would turn the corner naturally with some medicinal help. But in the next few days, the medicines from the tubes did not do what they were meant to. Finally, our doctor said he would need physical help to get rid of all the excess water in his body, because at that point, his kidney had completely collapsed. They needed to operate on him and insert a tube to serve as an articial filtration device. I wasn't sure what to think or say at the time. Before we could gather our thoughts, the nurses came and wheeled him into the operation room. It was a chilling moment followed by chilling thoughts. All the "what if" questions in the world started popping up in the back of my mind. When the operation was finally over and as they wheeled him out of the operating room, I noticed hidden under the white blankets was little BB-OG. No more than a cotton-filled stuff dog, BB-OG was the only thing my son was holding on to after going through days of no liquid until he almost lost his voice and the eventual operation. OG was with him throughout the whole ordeal. Thanks be to God, my little boy is much better today and BB-OG remains to be his most cherished treasure.

In my earlier articles title "Egg, Giraffe and Tree". The giraffe represents me, wishing to be a anchor holding on to the calm hundred-year-old tree next to me, overlooking the distance at a fragile yet strong little egg.



mommy of two angels said...

hello 1st time visiting your site.

this story is really touching, thank GOD your son is well & running now...must be one of your darkest days!

i added u as my link,u can add me too!

Jo said...

very touching story. it's so hard watching our kids in the hospital and even harder when they are little.

I'm glad he is doing well now. :)

Travis Klein said...

hey thanks for the comment on my new Mybloglog. Your site is cool, and I think I'm the one who needs help not you :) Mine is about home computer repair. So drop a line and give me some pointers I'm very new to all this.


Heather in Beautiful BC said...

Always glad to exchange links - thanks for asking! I'll be back to read more :)

Nastasshea@Nesh said...

Interesting! Should write a novel. Hehe!! The doggie pix is so cute!

Koluki said...


Thanks for the comment on MyBlogLog.
Congratulations on a great blog. I'm not sure there's anything I could suggest to improve it, as you asked. I feel that I too could do a lot of learning in your blog.

As for the links exchange, of course, why not?

All the best for you and your son!

ganesh said...

:filling+heart+emotional:=cool story

Random Magus said...

I am so glad your little boy is well now. I remember I had a huge collection of stuffed toys - even as a child I was a little socially retarded and my stuffed toys were my dearest friends. I would seat them all on chairs and pretend I was their teacher.
Your posts brought back a flood of memories.

Anonymous said...

im dropping by to wish for you everthing that is good in this world!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, the poor little guy. I hope he is doing well! - Anna

Rebecca said...

I'm so glad your son recovered from the whole ordeal and is doing well now. Have you ever thought of writing short kids stories about the 'OG Family'? It could be something worth trying out.

sfgirl said...

You have a wonderful blog, Milton. Touching stories that remind me of my son when he was little...his stuffed friend was Pikachu! And he took his "blankee" everywhere with him (even stuffed it in his backpack when he went to kindergarten :). We also played with a cast of hundreds -- only they were LEGGO. I've included a link to your blog on mine. You can add me too. All the best.

R.M. said...

Hi godzilla... Randy here.
Here's the link to my blog
I'll be linking to yours in my "Links" section in Profit Masters.

Thanks again!

Tisha! said...

the "Egg, Giraffe and Tree" is so deep...may you all have long and happy lives!

Kuanyin said...

Great blog! Voted for you...also added you as a link!Blessings!

debra fong said...

niceeee post: D

thanks for visiting my blog.

Enemy of the Republic said...

I need to spend more time here, but I like this last article very much!

The Herkman said...
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Azel said...

Wow - I am feeling your emotion. My son is almost 5 years old and when he was born, both his lungs collapsed. He underwent his first operation when he was only 5 hours old - he could not breath and his lungs were drained to get any excess fluid off and "inflate" them. Lucky for his father and me, we have a very brave and strong boy and we are very proud of him. He survived! Good luck with the future.

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