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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Watching Sports with my son

When I was a young child my father introduced me to the world of sports. Watching the NBA and the NFL became not just a sports event but a father and son event as well. My father was an extremely busy man holding the fort down as a Dentist but he was always home on Sundays for wrestling, soccer, boxing, NFL football(later on) and made sure he either took time off for Lakers or celtics games or would have the VCR set to record a game so that we could watch it together upon his return home.

My father always made sure that we made the most of these days and went all out with food and drink and sometimes would invite my friends and their parents over for festivities as well. I have been more reminiscent and nostalgic of these times I spent with my father because my son is now at an age where he has began to take a interest in sports. In part this may be due to the fact that many of his acquaintances and friends are already sports fans but it may also have to do with the fact that I still don’t miss an NFL game, nor do I miss any Lakers games. Of course my father is still with us and while we don’t get to watch every game together anymore we still manage to make time for getting together during the playoff’s and the occasional post game phone call.

It was in fact during this last call I had with my father I informed him that his grandson had taken a liking to sports and that he’d asked for a couple of NFL Jerseys & Apparel for his 6th birthday. “Grandpa” was excited by this news and said he’d like to help out with that request and would also like to begin coming over on Sunday’s again once football season starts up at the end of summer. Both my son and I thought this was a fantastic idea and I’ll admit, made me feel like a boy myself again. It’s almost an overwhelming feeling when I think of how much fun and bonding there will be during the games we will be watching together and I know my son is equally to spend time with both his father and Grandfather at the same time.

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Though my son has shown interest in the NFL he’s just begun to ask questions about basketball and I’ve actually recommended that my father purchase an NFL Jersey for my son’s birthday and I’ll take care of the NBA Jerseys & Apparel. This should help push him in the right direction though as a Lakers fan, I can only hope he holds the same allegiances to the teams I route for. Should he end up supporting teams my father and I don’t I know this will be an experience for him that lasts a lifetime.

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So no we play the waiting game. Football begins at the end of summer and hopefully my father by that time would have more time to spend as he sees fit and I know he’ll be there. In addition to that I’m not sure who I’m more excited for, my son and the memories this will leave with him or myself for helping to create the same great memories I have, for my son. One thing is certain however. No longer will we be squinting at a 19 inch television from our recliners and the couch. Games in High Definition and Surround Sound will make this all the more enjoyable.

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