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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Wall Paint and your room

Taking an ordinary room and making it extraordinary doesn't have to be a difficult process. In fact, if you start with a concept in mind, the expense doesn't even have to be great. One of the best ways to transform any room is to change the coloring of the walls.

Plain, boring white works well with some themes, but not all. In fact, in some cases, colors are necessary to make a theme work. Smartly chosen colors with the right furniture and decorating accents can bring a designer theme home without having to break the bank. Plus, colors can set a tone for a room. Warm, bright colors are thought to benefit productivity. Darker, more somber colors can be relaxing (although sometimes too much if light sources aren't present.) Neutrals by their nature, fall somewhere in between.

Here are some coloring concepts and the kinds of themes they work well with:

* Soft pastels. These offer a hint of color that's beyond the basic white. Pinks, greens, blues and even light purples are wonderful for girls' rooms, living rooms and even kitchens. Welcoming and airy, these colors are great for rooms with a lot of natural light. They promote a sense of color without taking over the decorating scheme. These can work well with lighter furniture and airy, floral patterns. * Neutrals. Off whites, browns, beiges, greens and so on are wonderful in rooms with a classic appeal. They are perfect for dens, kitchens, bedrooms and living rooms where classy appeal is desired. There's something that's just neat and clean about a warm beige wall juxtaposed with white baseboards. Neutrals are great in almost any setting. * Dark colors. Deep reds, greens and blues are perfect for some settings. They work very well with dark woods and even with lots of natural light. They project a professional, somber setting. Mixed with lighter colors, they can add a sense of personality to just about any decorating scheme. They are great for dens, living rooms and even kitchens. These colors present a somber, welcoming feel.

Remember when decorating that not every color scheme can, or necessarily should be carried throughout every room. Mix it up and have fun. And do remember the other decorating features that will be included in the room. If, for example, you have deep mahogany furniture, a whimsical color mix of purple and green might not look great. But, a deep red or green for the main color with a white or off white also on the walls or baseboards would look fantastic. Dark colors and lighter, natural oak and pine also mix well why presenting a nice mix of neutral and bold.

Don't overlook wall coloring when setting out to decorate a room or an entire house. Paint colors can very much enhance a decorating scheme without costing a lot of money. They can set tones for rooms and even help you create a personal get away. Remember, light colors that aren't too bright encourage productivity. Dark, but warm colors can present a relaxing front and neutrals fall somewhere in between. Choose colors that speak to your sense of style and make you happy and you should be pleased with the outcome.

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