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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

A Reliable Solution for Webhosting

If you want to be taken seriously and have continued success on the internet, it's very important that you get your web hosting in order. Finding a great deal on web hosting with a small company with little-no reputation might seem like a good idea now - however, there are consequences to this. Having your site go down when you're getting thousands of visitors a day is not pretty. Been there and done that.

Hostgator is a popular webhosting company that had a lot of growth in the past 36 months. Hostgator has gone from hundreds of satisfied clients to tens of thousands today.They have remained successful because they were basically founded for webmasters by webmasters. The founders of Hostgator understood the plight of webmasters and having to deal with constant downtime, bad service, and other annoyances that shouldn't be part of the web hosting experience.

Fixing these problems and fixing them permanently is one of the reasons why Hostgator stays successful to this day.

Customer satisfaction is a top priority for Hostgator - their customer service is a key to their continued success. If you have a problem they can easily be contacted, getting you in touch with a real, friendly Hostgator customer service associate.
Hostgator also offers plenty of different plans which will tailor directly to your needs. If you want start small, go for Shared 'Hatchling' hosting starting at $6.95 a month for 50gb disk space and 200GB bandwidth while supplies last.

If you're interested in reselling webspace, you can act as an independent hosting company. Hostgators reseller rates are very competitive, check their website for their latest deals. If your websites generate a huge amount of traffic, Hostgator has you covered there as well. Dedicated hosting starts at a very affordable price.

Hostgator's downtime is nearly nonexistent. If you want to run a credible web enterprise, you can't have your website down everyday. Hostgator consistently gets good reviews because of the tremendous value they offer their customers. Overall, they are the company to choose when it comes to webhosting."

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