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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Dining room makeover by a Handyman

If you are forunate enough to have a dining area in your home then a quick make over tip could free up more space and make it more functional that an office with a laptop and papers all over the place,or a homework table.

1. Look at the space -do you have a large square table with 8 chairs where you have to squeeze yourself round the chairs?
Try a round table-it is a known fact that round tables accomodate more people than a square table.

2.add an eyecatching table cloth to add "panache" to the area.

3.look at your chairs- are they bulky ,try buying smaller chairs especially those without armrests.

4.Would stools work well instead of chairs,which can easilly be stored.

5.Lighting should be sufficient and bright,you can add a dimmer switch to set the "mode" for intimate dinners

6.lay a rich warm carpet if you want to be able to eat barefoot and enjoy the warmth of the room

7.a good quality wood flooring or parque flooring will resist hard wearing,knocks,spills etc.

8.pictures on the walls or a rich feature wallpaper will add "cosyness" to the room

Dining rooms are not nearly as practical and functional as the kitchen these days,most people never actualy use their dinning room to have a sit down meal except for the odd family occassion or christmas,when the fancy table cloth comes out and the table with the middle peice extends out to seat more people. The warmth of the dining room as we knew it has all but disapeared,with more and more families resorting to "TV dinners" with a tray perched on their knee and the remote in hand flocking through te channels whilst eating. In order to change this trend there needs to be a radical overhaul of the space and you must be able to identify the proper use of the space.

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